1. Chloe.....

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It wasn't like I was a loner or anything, I just wasn't interesting. Sure I had a few friends, but I needed a best friend. Someone I could share my feelings with.

School was about to start in one week, and I wanted to start off fresh. Plus, I wanted to get something special since my 14th birthday was coming up in 3 weeks. No, I did'nt get left back.

I'm Chloe. 8th grader to-be with straight brown hair, dark-brown eyes, small nose, with always too-big sweaters and sweatpants. Sitting on the living room couch staring up at the cieling is pretty boring. I was waiting for my parents to get up and go to work so I can watch t.v. They hate when I watch t.v. for more than 1 hour because they think it's bad for my eyes. Even though doctors say 2 hours. They rather want me to excercise and eat stuff that's good for me for snacks. They even send me lunches full of carrots and grapes with an apple when I was in seventh grade. What a couple of health-freaks.

I began to finally here movement in my parent's bedroom. Then I heard them go to my room. I waited.


"I'm here!"

They came in, half-asleep. "Hey honey," my mom greeted.


"What's up kiddo?" my dad asked heading for the kitchen, not bothering for an answer.

"Fine, how about you?" I muttered.

I knew what my mom would say next.

"Did you make breakfast?" she asked.

Right on cue. This is how it works.

Me: make breakfast.

Parents: eat, go to work and come back around 3 in the morning. The earliest? 12:00 Then I have to clean the house and make lunch and dinner while they're away. Even in school when there's a big problem, they say I have to wait till they come home but by then, I'm sleeping.

"No. Not today. But the cereal is in the cupboard...like always. And the milk is in the fridge...like always," I streached out.

"No need to be a wise-ass Chloe," my dad scolded, walking in. He had a cup of coffee in his hand. I ate and waited.

Finally some time alone! I jumped on the couch and turned on the t.v. 3 hours later I got bored. I read a book. Then I turned on the computer. I went on Facebook to check my messages. None. Not like thats a suprise. I played games for a few hours. This is how it always is. My life sucks. Later on, I got hungry. I opened the fridge and all I saw was a almost empty carton of milk, apples spinach, and some cantalopes. Wow, we really need to go shopping. I decided to go now since I had nothing to do. Taking a 20 dollar bill from the emergency stash my mom showed me, I went and took the long way to the grocery store. I got hot dogs, chicken ribs. penut butter, jelly and jam, bread, a pack of soda, and cream cheese...............yes, I live off snacks.

When I got home I ordered pizza. Good. Now MY fridge is stocked. I sat on MY couch and ate MY pizza. 3 slices. My parents have no rifht to call "their" furniture theirs'. I stay in the house and I clean and take care of everything. They hardly know where anything is. I put the pizza on the table and went to sleep.

My eyes still heavy with sleep, I glanced at the time. 1:14. They'll be back in almost in 2 hours. I washed my face and decided to take a walk.

It was spring but the night air stung. I was walking around the block when I felt someone watching me. A shudder rippled through my spine. I crossed my srms and continued to walk.

I heard footsteps behind me so I spun around. No one. "Who's there?" I called, which was stupid because who the hell would answer? I ran back home and shut the front door. Sighing, I went back to my room and slid under the covers of my bed. I was still shivering so I went to close my window.

Looking down, I was just in time to see a dark figure in a not-so-far distance run across my front lawn. I gasped and I guess it was really loud because the figure paused. I snapped my window shut and pulled the covers over my head and fell asleep.

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