Chapter 8

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Glaring at him, Hermione started stalking towards the Boy Who Lived, closing the distance between them, slowly but no less menacingly. The Weasleys looked at Harry questioningly, wondering why on earth he would feel the need to spike her drink.

"HOW DARE YOU SPIKE MY DRINK!" Hermione roared towards one of the boys she'd known since first year.

"Hermione I- We- We wanted to kno-" Harry stuttered slightly, though he had no idea why he was so tongue twisted, he shouldn't be afraid of Hermione. He'd stood up to Voldemort for Merlin's sake.

Hermione shot him a dangerous look and started hissing at him.

"How dare you Harry Potter. What gives you the right to spike my drink? What possessed you to make you think that that was the right course of action?"

Harry picked his brains trying to remember what certain words in Parseltongue were. He got the gist of what Hermione was hissing, but he couldn't reply. He didn't have trait to speak it and he was too shocked.

"I knew you were lacking intelligence but I didn't know that it was completely non-existent. You wouldn't have lasted a day without me whilst we were camping. You wouldn't have lived past first year without me. And yet, you have the audacity to spike my drink?"

"Her-Hermione?" Ron stuttered, his voice cracking with fear and confusion. At the sound of his voice, Hermione broke out of her rant at Harry and looked around her. Everyone was staring at her, frozen and terrified.

"Shit." Hermione spat out as she realised that everyone had witnessed her speaking Parseltongue. Yet her terrifying demeanour didn't falter.

"You can't be Hermione." Ron shook his head. "Hermione doesn't know Parseltongue."

At this, Harry snapped out of his stupor and pointed his wand at Hermione. "Who are you? What happened to Hermione?" Ron raised his wand too, if a bit shakily.

"I learned the truth, you twat." Hermione spat.

"LEVICORPUS!" Ron shouted as he gained a little more courage. Hermione raised her wand lazily and deflected the jinx easily with her own variation of a shield charm. The spell reflected off Hermione's shield and hit Ron. Hermione strolled up to him casually and crouched down so she was in level with Ron's head, as he was upside down.

"You don't have any brains either, do you Ronald?... Otherwise you would have taken all the hints that I sent your way."

"Get away from my brother, who-ever-you-are." Ginny said quickly.

Hermione ignored her. "Did you need it spelt out for you?... No reply? OK. Here it is: Ronald Weasley. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Sleep. With. You. Nor. Do. I. Want. To. Enter. Any. Kind. Of. Intimate. Relationship. With. You... I A-M N-O-T I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-E-D I-N Y-O-U. You got that?" Ron nodded vigorously after noticing the dangerous red-glint in her eyes. Hermione rubbed her hands together and stood up. "Now with that out of the way. Who's got the next problem?"

"Who are you?" Harry repeated his question.

"I am Hermione. You're friend since first year. More specifically, your friend since after you and Ron saved me from a mountain troll. The only person who stood by your side the entire time we were searching for horcruxes." She glared at a sheepish Ron. "The person who went through torture at the hand of Bellatrix LeStrange to protect you. Is that enough for you?"

Harry scratched his head. "How do you know Parseltongue, Hermione?"

"Is that any of your business?" Hermione challenged. 

"Yes it is!" He paused, waiting for her to tell him how she knew the language. When she didn't answer, he looked her in the eye, she could see grief and sadness filling his eyes. "STUPEFY!"

Hermione muttered something and the spell faded before it got halfway to her. She glared at the spell caster, who was looking shocked at where the spell had fizzled out, and hissed.

"I should have ordered the tarmac Basilisk to kill you instead of the lion, Harry I-Think-I-Can-Do-Anything-Because-I-Killed-The-Dark-Lord Potter." She paused. "At least killing the lion weakened every Gryffindor out there."

"That was you?" Harry asked, his eyes wider than she'd ever seen them.

"Of course it was me. Did you not find it at all suspicious the way that it came up to me and actually welcomed me? Treating me like it's God. Me, a muggle-born, being worshiped by a basilisk?" The others around her gasped in more confusion.

"A basilisk?" Ginny squeaked, as she was reminded of what happened in her first year and the Chamber of Secrets.

"Yes. A Slytherin's best friend." Hermione smirked at the girl.

"But you were sorted into Gryffindor!" Ron protested. "We witnessed that with our own eyes! You are not a Slytherin."

Hermione tossed her wand in the air lazily. "There's more than one way to be a Slytherin, Weasley." She taunted. And with that, she apparated far away from the Weasley and Potter clan. 


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