Austin Mahone was your best friend for 2 year...Austin fell in love you...

Austin: (y/n)...i have tell you...

You: tell me -smile-

Austin: Well we together 2 year... you are beautiful and perfect person honest i love much..

You: Aw i know i love you(:

Austin: i love you more than friend...

You: -shocked-... Austin

Austin: -Sigh- i know you not li...

You: i like you -smile

Austin: like me i respect it...wait what did you say!?

You: -giggles- I say i like you too!

Austin: really...!?

You: yeah i serous -smile-

Austin: would you out date with me....?

You: no.

Austin: -look down- oh...

You: i just kidding ! yes i will out date with you -smile-

Austin: -Happy run hug you- love you!

You: -smile- love you too

-Later few day-

You: -check twitter and see people comment on your pic of you and Austin- -crying-

You: why people hate me because me date Austin....

Austin: -Inside room- Hey (yn)! wait what matter why you cry?! -hug you-

You: Look my twitter pic of you and me on comment...

Austin: -look your twitter pic comment- Baby they jealous....they dont know how we love...ignore them... i love you no matter what..

You: -smile- love you...

Austin: close your eye!

You: -close your eye-

Austin: ok open your eye!

You: -open eye shocked see ring say "A"-

Austin: it promise ring -smile-

You: oh my god... i love it! thank -kiss Austin-

Austin: -smile- hey honey...tomorrow i have leave go tour -sigh-

You: -pout- i go miss you....

Austin: -kiss you- no worried we will text and webcam -smile-

You miss Austin Mahone so much you never see him for 1 month because he busy go tour... but you and Austin texting...

-Your friend drive pick up you-

Friend: So how you and Austin?

You: Good.. -sigh- i miss him... cant wait he come here 3 more left day!

Friend: Awh that great -smile-

You: Yeah..-ring phone text- oh it Austin! -check message-

-Austin Message: I miss you! i in tour now, i wish you come see me tour ! so bad... but i cant wait see you xoxo!

You: -smile- awh -texting phone- Friend! watch out !

Friend: -try stop drive but..........


Austin: -Sigh- Why (Y/N) never answer me for 1 day.... maybe her phone break or whatever i dont know..i cant wait see her..