Austin Mahone was your best friend for 2 year...Austin fell in love you...

Austin: (y/n)...i have tell you...

You: tell me -smile-

Austin: Well we together 2 year... you are beautiful and perfect person honest i love much..

You: Aw i know i love you(:

Austin: i love you more than friend...

You: -shocked-... Austin

Austin: -Sigh- i know you not li...

You: i like you -smile

Austin: like me i respect it...wait what did you say!?

You: -giggles- I say i like you too!

Austin: really...!?

You: yeah i serous -smile-

Austin: would you out date with me....?

You: no.

Austin: -look down- oh...

You: i just kidding ! yes i will out date with you -smile-

Austin: -Happy run hug you- love you!

You: -smile- love you too

-Later few day-

You: -check twitter and see people comment on your pic of you and Austin- -crying-

You: why people hate me because me date Austin....

Austin: -Inside room- Hey (yn)! wait what matter why you cry?! -hug you-

You: Look my twitter pic of you and me on comment...

Austin: -look your twitter pic comment- Baby they jealous....they dont know how we love...ignore them... i love you no matter what..

You: -smile- love you...

Austin: close your eye!

You: -close your eye-

Austin: ok open your eye!

You: -open eye shocked see ring say "A"-

Austin: it promise ring -smile-

You: oh my god... i love it! thank -kiss Austin-

Austin: -smile- hey honey...tomorrow i have leave go tour -sigh-

You: -pout- i go miss you....

Austin: -kiss you- no worried we will text and webcam -smile-

You miss Austin Mahone so much you never see him for 1 month because he busy go tour... but you and Austin texting...

-Your friend drive pick up you-

Friend: So how you and Austin?

You: Good.. -sigh- i miss him... cant wait he come here 3 more left day!

Friend: Awh that great -smile-

You: Yeah..-ring phone text- oh it Austin! -check message-

-Austin Message: I miss you! i in tour now, i wish you come see me tour ! so bad... but i cant wait see you xoxo!

You: -smile- awh -texting phone- Friend! watch out !

Friend: -try stop drive but..........


Austin: -Sigh- Why (Y/N) never answer me for 1 day.... maybe her phone break or whatever i dont know..i cant wait see her..

Alex: Why she not answer you for 1 day ? it weird ....

Austin: Yeah...let go watch news ..

Alex: Ok -turn on news tv-

News: Ok Cop found out Austin Mahone's girlfriend (y/n) and her friend in drive but they crash... Her friend is alive ...(Y/N) was died....

Alex: -shocked-..... Austin...

Austin: -shocked & his phone drop - (Y/N).....please it not true... -tear- -run away- -scream- WHYY -crying- no no please....please it not true.....-crying & scream -

few day later....

Austin: -Look at your room- (Y/N)..... -tear- -look at photo wall of you and me-.. -tear then punch wall-

Your mom: Austin...!?

Austin: -cry sit floor- Y/N.....

Your Mom: not crying -hug Austin- Y/N try text sent you but her was crash... -gave Austin your phone-

Austin: -Look at your phone what you say-

~You: I know :( i wish i there ! ...i miss you xoxo! i get something for you! i know you will love it no worried soon i will see you! i cant wait xoxo ♥ Baby i love yo.....~

Austin: Aw...wait what she get something for me...?

Your Mom: -get box from you gift for Austin-

Austin: -open box- -get necklace lock heart "A+Y/N" -smile & tear

Later week.....

Austin was in tour... Austin speech talk about you how much he love you and what he feel when he meet you and etc more..... Austin start sing about you.... then He say "I Miss You (Y/N)....So Much - He smile & tear......

The end .....please not rude comment i not good english lil bit because im deaf... thank you.. i hope you love it !