Chapter One Hundred Forty Nine

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"So you don't want diamonds either," the Jeweler sighed as they stood near one of the counters holding beautiful sets of rings on display. "Why am I not surprised?"

Fred looked at Charlie in confusion  but Charlie just shrugged the jeweler off. 

"I think you'll find in my family that we're not very traditional." Charlie said with a grin.

The jeweler rubbed his eyes. "How many are there in your family exactly?"

"Six boys, one girl."

The man made a sobbing noise as he placed his hands over his face.

"Hey, look at the bright side, the oldest didn't come to you for a ring. You took care of me. You can scratch off my brother after you help him today, so that leaves you with three potential members."

"Two." Fred said. "No one in their right mind would marry Percy."

"Be nice." Charlie warned him. 

"I am being nice. But sometimes the truth hurts."

"So.." the jeweler asked. "What are you looking for in this ring?"

"I'm not sure really."

"Great, just great." the man grumbled. "Well, are you marrying a dragon like this one?"

"Uh no...she's more of a badger."

"A badger?"

"Yeah..she can be incredibly sweet but if you make her angry...well..she'll rip your face off. So yeah, badger seems pretty fitting." Fred answered.

"Well, I found a ring for a dragon, so let's see if I can find one for a ...badger."

"Mum's going to totally flip when she sees you again." George said as he sat on the sofa beside Anora once they returned from roasting marshmallows with Roscoe.

"Why is that?"

"'ve gotten big since the last time-"

"Don't ever tell a woman that George, it's bound to get you smacked across the face and kicked below."

"I wasn't saying it to be mean!"

"I didn't say you were, I'm just telling you to choose your words wisely. Because pregnant or not, I'll still bust you in the mouth."

"I wasn't calling you fat! I was saying you look pregnant!" George said before grabbing a pillow and holding it up in defense against Anora's potential attack.

Suddenly, the woman began laughing. 'Sorry, I'm just messing with you George. It's been so long since we've been able to hang out one on one, I couldn't resist."

George grinned. "I should have known."

"You really should have."

"Well I couldn't be certain, I don't know how all these pregnancy hormones worked. Fred and I were still fairly young when Mum had Ron and Ginny and by then, she was considered a professional birther."

"A professional...Merlin, George." she laughed. "You haven't changed a bit, you know?"

"I know." he smiled.

"I miss you guys. Don't tell Fred that. It'll go straight to his head. But I really do miss you two...all of you really."

"Then why don't you just come home?" George asked. "You know everyone wants you and Charlie closer."

"I know..but while that's home...this is home too." she said. "Charlie and I have put so much time and work into this place that it wouldn't feel right just up and leaving. Besides we have Roscoe and Norberta, not to mention some of the other dragons. I couldn't just up and leave them."

"I'm pretty sure Mum would let them stay in the back of the Burrow, if you asked her nicely." he said. 

"Are you kidding? Do you know what she said before Charlie and I even made plans to come out here? But they breathe fire!" she said doing her best imitation of Molly.

"Hey, that was actually pretty good."

"Thank you." Anora smiled. "I still use it to bother Charlie on occasion. "Charles! You need a haircut!"

"Okay, now it's just creepy."

"Fred! George! What have you done this time?! Do you two understand the consequences of your actions? Just you wait until your father gets home from work!"

Suddenly, the door to the home opened and Charlie and Fred appeared poking their heads in cautiously.

"I swear I heard Mum here." Fred said.

"It was just Anora!" George called out to them.

"An!" Charlie groaned. "How many times have I told you not to do that?"

Anora beamed in Charlie's direction. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Of course you don't."

"Wait," Anora sat up. "Did you two find a ring?"

Fred smiled proudly. "We sure did!"

"Oooh! Let me see! Let me see it!" George clapped his hands together excitedly.

Anora turned to him with a look. George made a face at her.

"He's my twin, I'm allowed to be this excited!"

Fred walked over and handed the box over to them carefully.

When Anora opened it up her face softened drastically. "Awww Fred, look at's beautiful. How sweet is that? It likes.."

"Yup. I found the perfect one. But I'm pretty sure that after today, that jeweler is going to retire."

"Pretty sure he closed down the shop once we walked outside." Charlie chuckled.

"Well, you two might be pain in the arses when it comes to selecting jeweler, but I have to say you do a really good job at it. Ellie's going to love it, Fred."

"I hope so."

"Like I said, if she says no-" She stopped herself as she saw the nerves on Fred's face develop. She reached a hand to Fred for him to take. He offered his hand, which she grabbed and gave a gentle squeeze.

"She's going to say yes. You and I both know that, don't we? She's going to say yes, and you two are going to be very happy together."

"Thanks Anora."

"Anytime." she said releasing his hand and sitting back. "I'm excited. I wonder how everyone else is going to take it. How did Remus feel when you asked him?"

"Uh...about that..."

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