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The  next morning, while Cass and Jackson spent time together,  Mia and Sara got ready to go training. Logan and Michael sat in the living room discussing about the pack.

"Sara....come on..." Mia shouted and Sara came skipping down. They headed to the training ground.


" Sam, stop moving your legs. " Dina said as she drove the car towards the celestial pack. 

" What if she doesn't pardon me?? I think we should go back and talk to her first."

" Sam.....take deep breaths....all will be fine ....she'll understand." Dina tried to console him, but could already see tears form in his eyes. She stopped the car at side and turned to face him. " Sam....what happened ,its not your fault. Thank the god she ran away...thank the god that Logan found her....she'll accept you after she comes to know of the be strong, for her and for me...please, I can't see you sad. " she whispered the last part . Sam took a deep breath and pulled her close.

" You're right...I-I'm sorry...I'm just scared. " he whispered back, holding her.

" Don't be.... " After few more moments, Dina started the car. Soon they reached the pack entrance where stood few guards. Dina stopped the car and rolling the window down, she said, "we are here to meet Alpha Logan....Alpha Xander has already spoken to him. "

The guards furrowed the brows, " but we were not informed...please wait."

" What do they mean that they were not informed? " Sam whipered to Dina.

" I don't know....he must've been busy. "

" W-what if this was all a prank and he wouldn't allow us to meet her? " Sam said 

" He won't do that Sam....if they don't allow in some time, we'll call Xander."


Michael nodded at what Logan said. He was about to give his opinion when one of the guard informed mindlinked him about Sam and Dina. He stiffened and his posture was immediately noticed by Logan.

" Er- S- Sam is here.." Michael said, earning a growl from Logan and gasp from Martini. " Should we let them in ?"

Logan didnot reply, so Martini said yes. She then went to him and hugged him tightly. Logan relaxed in his mate's arms and took deep breaths.

" woh....what happened ?' Jackson said as he cam down hand-in-hand with Casy.

" Sam is here " Michael informed. Jackson immediately stiffened, his eyes changing colors. 

" Please behave yourselves, Jackson and Logan both.....listen to what he says first...and let Sara decide for the best. " Martini said softly. Cass rubbed Jackson's arms to show him her support, just knowing that Sam is Sara's brother.

" Should we call Sara? " Michael asked.

" No, lets wait and meet him first. "

It was just few minutes when the doorbell started to ring. Casy went ahead and opened since no one moved from their places. She took a step side to allow them to enter.


Sam entered the place and immediately started to look around her. Dina couldn't get much of Sara's familiar smell, making her think if Sara was same one or she wasn't here. 

When she noticed Sam looking around and everyone staring at them, she cleared her throat, " Alpha , Luna.... thank you for allowing us. " Logan and Martini nodded back, and then Martini welcomed them to sit.

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