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The one word I couldn't help but use to describe pretty much the entirety of my life. Just one huge coincidence.

A coincidence I'd been in the front seat of the car that night, two feet from the edge of the road, five more to reach the dark, seemingly harmless forest beyond. Bright neon lights scattering across the window. Car lights heading our way down the dark pavement.

A coincidence that it'd been exactly a minute before ten o'clock, driving directly by a quiet grocery store, located next to a gas station. A coincidence that out of everyone in the entire world to be there at that exact time, place, millisecond, it had been me.

Because nobody ever knows when their life may change completely.

Maybe you're sitting in a library at 10 A.M., drinking a cup of steaming coffee. Or maybe you were just lying down in your bed with a bowl filled with ice cream prepared to watch the latest episode of your favorite show. Maybe it was even in the middle of the hardest test of the year as you desperately waited for the clock to strike for the next period just so you could get it over with, and beg the world to give you a maybe not-so-terrible grade.

For me, it happened on a Saturday night.

And from that moment on, I knew nothing would ever be the same again.

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