TIP #17: Channeling Your Emotions into Your Writing

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As people, especially when we are young, we feel lots of things, have tons of emotions running through us—happiness, sadness, depression, excitement, anxiety, fear, wonderment, desire, loneliness, empowerment, joy. The list can go on and on. And if any of you are [or were ever] like me, you sometimes feel alone, like you are the only one feeling this way. For me when I felt like this, I'd channel those feelings into my writing. I wrote poetry. I wrote short stories. I wrote diary entries. I just wrote. It was raw, but it was authentic. And it helped. It helped me to release this stuff into something other than keeping it bottled inside. I could let my characters speak for me, let them feel what I was feeling. I had an outlet.

You can use these things, channel all those feelings into your writing as well, and I guarantee there is someone out there who will connect with your words because, guess what, you are not alone. There's something that will resonate with others, so use this stuff to inspire your writing!

Happy writing!

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