Byun Baekhyun

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Warning: if u are not comfortable in reading boy×boy fictions plz stop reading and this is my imagination plz donot report..

*creeeeeng creeeeng*

Oh hell ! Is it already 6.30

I can hear my mom already walking on the staircase screaming
baek baekier yah!

Byun baekhyun ....

What are you doing wake up already..

Ok mom just a minute I'm already up u see
i say moving the blanket away from my face

I can feel the burning holes in my face now, and mom says


it's already 2 minutes now get up

my pushes the blanket out falling me on the floor

Mommm..... !

Stop whining now wash your self

I walk to the bathroom eyes closed well I'm good at sleep walking though
Once i get inside and do the morning routine when i come out of the bathroom mom is already gone downstairs. I quickly dressup and gather my stuff and when i look at the watch

Oh shit it's 7.35 !

I run downstairs

mom I'm late....
U should have woken me up earlier...

Oh yeah ..i should have... mom says sarcastically

Hey dad u had breakfast?
We'll have it together baby...

Appa...when u gonna stop calling me baby....

He chuckles and ruffles my hair

Well I'll think about it babyyy..

Appa..u are..real-

*horns horns*

the school bus doesn't let me threat my appa but it really doesn't matter though because i love him

Yeah i know it sounds girly but i love my appa..


Aish! Eomma I'm leaving.. i shout.

Appa.. bye!

then i peck on his cheeks and run out to catch the bus before it leaves and i can see luhan hyung's worried face turns into a small smile as soon as he sees me...

Oh god what a day!

I sat next to luhan hyung

What? He asks


Did u say something earlier he asks


Ok baekiee just make sure u don't blabble ur thought out your mouth when I'm not around

Aish ! again i can't stop my internal thoughts being inside i always blabble it..such an idiot i am

Well yes luhan hyung is my cousin but we don't have the same surname
His father is an accountant so he's rich yeah but i was more rich unfortunately not the same situation now

My appa and eomma had business which was very famous in south Korea. It was not only made up by my father it was an idea of his 2 friends.My father and his best friend was both rich at that moment but their other friend was not that rich but he was really talanted person as my appa says

So they started this company and suddenly his best friend had to take care of family business so that the company was on hands of appa and the other according to appa that was the time my mom came to his life and the company started developing

Within 3 ,4 years it had become famous but the ownership was only to my appa. He wanted to give the respective shares to his othwr friend so he had given it and the next day when he went to the office. ..

Everything had changed ...
His friend had betrayed him ....
That coward has taken the other shares too in an illegal mannar
And he had become the boss and he threw my father out

There were somany evidences for my father to show that he still owned the company and put that man into the jail but he never did
All he says is the company was his idea sure he's the owner. ...

It was real hard time for our family we used live a luxurious life suddenly it becomes middle class how could we survive?

Luckily we had our house and a restaurant for ourselves and luhan hyung's family helped me for studying and still they are ...

It's bit hilarious how our lives turned upside down within a day...

But yeah's life.....

Hey u lazy ass wake up already we are here ...

luhan hyung wakes me up

Ne ne .. i says yawning

We both get out of the bus and walks to the school ....

Oh yes baekhyun ....
Welcome to another day of school....





This is my first ever fanfiction and u thought it should be about chanbaek for sure because I'm a chanbaek shipper who hates chansoo shipping damn too much so i wanted a story where kyungsoo is not mentioned or a very bad person. .
Don't misunderstand i don't hate DO oh man his voice is gorgeous just the stories of their shipping. ...ok too much talking. So feel free to


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