As Promised

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            “Cam, Jace’s here!” Tanya screamed from downstairs. At the sound of his name, my heart pace quickened. I felt my mouth go dry and I found it hard to swallow.

            “Be down in a second!” I managed to say before slipping on a jacket. I turned the lights in my room off before shutting the door behind me. I slowly descended the stairs to keep myself from tripping. “Hey,” I said as Jace turned around. His expression made me blush.

            “Camille, you look…wow.” I blushed again.

            I sheepishly brushed a few strands of hair behind my ear. “Thanks. Are you ready to go?” I asked. Jace nodded and smiled.

            “Let’s go.” He grabbed my hand in his and we walked out of the house and towards his car. Being the gentleman he was, he opened the car door for me and closed it as I sat down in the front seat. Jace was quick to walk around the car and slide into the driver’s seat.

            “So where are you taking me exactly?” I asked curiously as he began to drive down the driveway. All he did was smile.

            After not getting a response to my question, I decided to wait and see. Jace drove for about fifteen minutes. It was dark out so I couldn’t exactly see where we were. “Jace?” I gave him a bewildered look.

            “Come on.” His smile returned to his face and I couldn’t help but smile myself. I cautiously opened the car door and stepped out. Jace came out behind me and guided me forward. “Just over there.” He whispered in my ear causing goose bumps to cover my skin. I shivered as his breath hit my neck and I let him guide me to where he wanted. When we came across a clearing my breathing stopped.

            “Jace, it’s beautiful.” I said looking over the blanket that was laid out over the grass along with a picnic basket and another blanket.

            His pulled me over towards the blanket before we both laid down on our backs and looked up at the sky. There were so many stars up in the sky. It was just beautiful. “Who knew you were a hopeless romantic.” I stated turning my head to look at him.

            “What can I say? It’s just who I am.” He said turning his head to look back at me. We both laid there smiling at each other before Jace started to lean in. Slowly his face grew closer and closer to mine. I felt his soft lips graze mine and I smiled. The kiss was soft and sweet. Once his lips left mine and I felt his arms pull me closer to him. “You drive me crazy, Camille.” He said blowing out a breath of air. I didn’t respond. I just grabbed his other hand that was resting on his stomach and intertwined our fingers. I felt Jace hug me closer to him and I smiled before closing my eyes and drifting to sleep. 

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