Chapter 7

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A/N: I just thought this song kinda goes with the story! (Only a little. Plus! It's one of my favorites!)


Mark leaned down closer to my face for another kiss. I didn't even try for dominance anymore, so I just let him take me as my body desperately tried to find a way to try to touch everywhere on Marks's hot, almost hairless body.

My arms are firmly around his neck, pulling his head as close to mine as I could to make sure that there wasn't a place of his mouth that I hadn't yet tasted yet.

Mark's hand slides down my chest as our tongues lapped each other's taste off of one another.

His hand slowly rubbed the inside of my thigh as my cock jumped to the sudden action.

I felt him chuckle against my lips and he then grabbed both of my ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly. We broke from the long and steamy kiss as I moaned weakly.

Mark grinned while squeezing my ass,

"Fuck Jack, you've got such a great ass." He said while looking at me with half lidded eyes and short breaths.

"The hell are ye talking about? Yours is WAY better than mine. I just want to violate you whenever you bend over." I say while licking my lips.

"I-I mean-" Mark cut me off by shoving one of his fingers inside of me.

"Nahaaah~ f-fooock!" I bite my lip, which reopened the wound, and scratch Mark's shoulder blades and accidentally break the skin.

Mark grunted and clenched his left eye shut because I scratched him by accident. He started to move his finger in and out of my tight hole and I moan into his ear as he slams his thick finger back in.

"M-Maaark..." I pant out as drool and blood slides down the side of my mouth and to my shoulder. Mark brings his head down to my collarbone and licks the bodily fluids away.

I take my long, slender fingers through his black bangs that hang over his dark chocolate eyes. Those eyes look up at me like I am the only thing that matters. Mark puts our foreheads together and looks at me with a serious face with a smile.

"You are one of the most captivating creatures that I have ever met, Sean McLouglin."


I blush the hardest that I ever have in my life at his soft spoken sentence like it was only for me to hear.

A/N: So sorry guys! I put this out because you guys were waiting so patiently! I have a very busy life for a teenager! XD I'm so sorry for the long, long, long wait again! Next part will be out very soon! Like, this week soon! So sorry!


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