Chapter 32: Worse Than Death

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Meathil watched as both Deigil and Eredehlil fell to the marble floors beneath them, the banging of their knees echoing through the room. So much information, so much stuff had just happened. Deigil was a princess? Was that statement correct? And the fact that she knew the queen practically proved it to be correct. And Eredhelil had killed Deigil's father. So much had happened, her mind was buzzing trying to sort it all out. But in the back of her mind all she could think about was, who was with Eglanor? Was he safe? Did he wake up? But, of course she needed to push away those thoughts, back into the depths of her mind, to make room for her battle strategy. The queen stood in front of her, the woman's face cold as stone, and her stance was perfectly straight. The queen stood proudly and confidently. She never knew, she had no idea what the princess had been going through, what the people of the queen's own court had been suffering through. All these years, centuries had gone by and no one had done anything about it.

Deigil laid on the ground, legs cut clean off, and her arms covered with cuts and slashes inflicted on by the princesses sword. Even though she couldn't show any emotion, Meathil could tell that Eredhelil was struggling intensely against her mother's powers. She wanted to move but every step closer to them meant another closer to the queen, who was already close enough to begin with. She took steps to the left and right noting how the woman reacted, her feet pressed against the ground beneath her. She straightened her back and mimicked the queen's stance, hoping it would help her find the bravery to confront the woman. She wanted to rip her to pieces, but her body wouldn't let her move. She felt herself start to tremble out of fear, and silently reminded herself, fear is weakness and it must be crushed. It was something she'd taught all her warriors, and now, she needed to desperately take her own advice. The queen noticed the change in stance, and slowly proceeded closer to her, every step sending a wave of shaky fear through her body.

"So, we're being confident now are we? Not hiding anymore captain? Was it the fact that you loved one is now damned to an eternal death? Or was it the fact that you can't forgive yourself for letting it all happen in the first place?" She didn't want to admit she was right, hell if she did it would ruin her pride. But the queen got it right, she did blame herself. None of this would have happened had she been there to protect stop it, had she been more aware of the things happening around her. She needed to tell herself it was not true, but deep down she knew, that if she had been there, none of it would have happened. How much had she been missing? Was it just Eglanor and his illness? Was it just Deigil and the princesses friendship? Was it more? She didn't have the luxury to ask suck incompetent questions, and she certainly didn't have the time to answer them.

"I don't blame myself, but I do regret not getting these worries that now swarm my head outside of me before coming here. I was so wrapped up in everything, that I never really saw you for what you truly are. A narcissistic, sadistic, evil ice queen who does not know or see the pleasure of enjoying real love or any type of relationship for that matter." With that she drew a sword from mid air and flung it at the queen, not even hitting her as it was stopped by a dark shield, made of pure dark magic. She wondered how long the queen must have trained to gain that power. Ostwyn was not pure dark magic, although it did lean more towards it, the race could still use light magic. But, they could only use the lighter side, at a cost. The dark flames surged and flooded in front of the woman, blocking her from the queen. She heard a low, dark, chuckle and that's when her own sword turned on her, moving at an impressive speed, hurtling towards her. She flung herself to the ground knocking the air from her lungs. Meathil pushed herself up and summoned two daggers and flung them both, then a spear materialized in her hand. The daggers didn't dent the dark shield, but it distracted the queen for a millisecond, allowing Meathil to launch the spear through the slightly ajar dark shield and straight through the queen's gut. "Go to hell." But, instead of crying out in pain, the woman stood there in shock for a moment. Before the unimaginable happened, the wound that cut straight through the woman's stomach, healed itself. The threads of life mixing, creating a new and healed body.

"Oh Meathil," the queen sighed, and looked up at her, the silver hair covering her eyes. Shadows creeping up on the woman's face, making a demented look appear on her face. "You're going to have to try a lot harder to end my eternal life, sweetie."


Deigil felt the pain in her legs rise. She wouldn't blame Ered, she couldn't, because it wasn't her fault that her father died, it was the queen's. But still the thriving pain from the wound of those words, shocked her the most and made her fill with rage. She needed to get up, even if the world fell apart and her body could not take anymore, she needed to get up. Ered needed her, needed her to help, help with that wreched bond that almost killed her. Deigil hadn't really comprehended what hat happened, she couldn't tell which hurt the most, her legs or her heart. Both did admittedly feel horrid, but her legs won for most physical pain. She didn't feel the connection, she didn't feel that connection between her body and soul, and the power she once held. Her vision blurred and she felt extremely light headed. All she could make out from the disaster around her, was Ered breathing heavily and the sound of swords clashing. Dammit! She needed to get up, even if she didn't have legs anymore she needed to find a way to fight. Her shoulder ached where it had been sliced, taking away what energy she had left in her arms. Meathil, the bracket, her queen, the kingdom... Ered. Everyone needed her now more than eve, but she just couldn't. What was wrong with her? She had more power than all of them combined, and she knew it too. But, something was holding her back, something was blocking her from accepting that power. It was the power that could save everyone, her friends, her family, her love.

Deigil heard a low chuckle escape from the queens mouth as blood spilled to the floor. No. She could barely move her head, but when she did, she saw Ered soaked in it. And Meathil, with cuts and holes in her body everywhere. No. She couldn't let it happen this way. No. She wouldn't let it happen this way. No one would hurt them, no one would hurt the people she loved, the people she cared about! Deigil felt the ground beneath her with her palms, and felt the surge of pain shoot through her arms. But, she kept going anyways. She carefully lifted herself to a sitting position, and heard the room go silent. She could do this, now more than ever, she needed to gain her powers. She was Deigil Aldrilis Shadowmount, daughter of the dark queen, and rightful heir to the throne of bones. She would not be afraid, no she wouldn't be the one to be. Because the power she had, would make every one of those miserable bastards who ever messed with her, tremble beneath her. She would kill them all, she would kill them for what they've done. She would kill her! She let out a screeching yell and felt the power surge beneath her, the darkness surrounding her. The room fell silent as she continued to grow, more and more power, reaching for her, telling her to come forth, to accept it. She was a dark princess and she would not yield to anyone! Deigil felt those powers, the ones her mother had tried to teach her, the ones she never was able to control.

"What's this?" The queen said, that voice made her rage even more. The hissing sound of the queen plowed through her head and took home to every crevices of her mind. She would never forget what that woman had done. She tortured people, controlled people, killed off her own heirs, killed off her husband, tortured Ered... and murdered her father. She would never forgive or forget, the things this woman had done to them all. Eglanor was not hanging on for dear life and Ered would soon be the same way. Meathil was broken inside and Hatolel was pinned on the wall, loosing blood faster and faster by the minute. There was no time to waste, now right way to go, no way that would make it any less dangerous than it was. Deigil felt the warmth of the power, the warmth rise from her non existent feet to her head. It wrapped itself around her, hugging her, and pulling her into it. Deigil closed her eyes and remembered, you are Deigil, you are a friend, not an enemy. She needed to remember that, because from the time she'd seen her mother's power, it didn't matter who you really were, the darkness would consume you, and swallow you whole.

Something was still holding her back though, what was it? Something felt unnatural about it all, something was off. She felt a vibrating on her chest, as if something was about to burst open. When she glanced down the necklace she'd always worn was shimmering a dark black light that shone to the ends of the palace. It was a seal, the seal her mother placed on her when she was young. The seal to protect her from her own powers, until she could control them. The necklace harbored all the power this whole time, and she'd never realized it. Without thinking, in one swift movement, the necklace that was on her neck, got smashed into the floor, and the darkness was released.

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