Back at home

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Nichola's POV
I woke up to RayAnn yelling at me like bruhhh shut the hell up😒
Nichola/ Nicky: Shut the hell up!! You loud ass!
RayAnn/Ray: Just get up!!
Nicky: Okay!!
I got dressed did my regular makeup. And yah..
Dad: morning My babies
Nicky: We're not babies anymore! And Good morning Daddy.
Dad: You have your mother's attitude.
RayAnn: And I'm the blessing
Dad: No your the Smart Alex one who gets on people's nerves.
RayAnn: Whatever.
Dad: I got you guys somethings
Nicky: What is it?
Dad: You guys know you guys are getting older and gonna start walking home and sharing with your brother or sister and getting a lot of Homework lately.
Both: Yah
Dad: Well since you guys Only have iPods. I got both of you an IPhone 6s Plus and A iPad Pros
As soon as I heard daddy say IPhone I jumped on him and give him a kiss and RayAnn just hugged him
Both: Thank you Daddy!
Dad: Your Welcome. Imma pick you guys from school and you guys get to pick which colour you want.
Both: Okay
Dad: Get in your mom's car since see took mine.
Both: Okay.
Ray: We're Did she go anyway?
Dad/ Tre: She went to Toronto for 2 days with Aunty River,Joy,Alicia,Ariana/Arii,Ariel, Dior and Kelease.
Both: Okay.
When we all got in the car and Dad drove us to school. And this Ass named Fiona came up to my and said
Fiona: You Thot.
Whole School: Ohhhh
Nicky: Hoe named one guys have n since school their Dick wasn't been down your throat?
(There was Slience for a minute)
Ray: See this Bitch can't even answer you Hoe.
???: Don't Call my bestfriend a Thot you bitch ass Fiona!!
It was my bestie Jordan/Jay
Nicky: Hey Jay! Ray lets beat this bitch up cause she gonna away with what shit unless she run to her Stripper Mommy!
Ray: Let's go!
Fiona run away cause she know she can't fight but we do!
Jay: This Bitch is running away To her Mommy. Also My Mom saw your mommy stripping for money and fucking Men
(Fiona start crying while walking and Running to her locker.)
Nicky: Bitch!
We didn't get in trouble because Uncle Jalen owns this School he went to school with Fiona's mom and he knows how she raises Fiona.
(After A long ass day of School. Before dad picked us up we went to go talk to Uncle J.
J: Hey my Baby girl's
Both: Hey Uncle J.
J: RayRay what happen to Nessa/Vanessa? (Ray's Bestfriend)
Ray: she's not here today she's at her dads house Miami
J: Okay. Well Just texted me to tell you to come to the front of the school
Both: Okay bye Uncle J
J: Bye Nichola&RayAnn.
Both: Later (Closes Door)
We got out of the school got hopped in the car and I sat the front since mommy was a special Edition car where there is 3 seats in front and Back.
Dad: We're gonna go to Apple where Uncle Jacob Works
Both: Okay!
4 mins later were at Apple.
Uncle Jack: What sup Tre was up Twins?
The Twins: Hi Uncle Jack
Tre/Dad: Sup Jack my man
Uncle: Well nun... The things are in the back.
All: Okay
Uncle: I'll let there Phones be free.
Tre: Thx Man so I don't have to spend to much.
Uncle: It's Ight
Ray: Imma get the Gold ones!
Nicky: Good cause I was gonna get the Rose Gold Set
(After there done doing there thing and head home.)
The Twins: Thanks Daddy!
Dad: Welcome Sweetie. You guys what to you want the gender to be for the baby?
Ray: A girl.
Nicky: Same
Dad: Good I was thinks the same way! Well you guys have school tomorrow!

Nicky: SameDad: Good I was thinks the same way! Well you guys have school tomorrow!

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