The Kitten Has Claws [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 


Fear mixed with desire raced through every one of the women’s bodies at Raine’s words. Some shuddered in ecstasy at the prospect of being taken by the Greek gods standing before them, others whimpered in fear, worried that they were going to be eaten. A select few of the group, however, stood defiantly in front of the men, not willing to go without a fight.

Among this group was Noelle at the front, with Delilah and Ingrid to her side. Behind her was Violet and Tamsin. Each was staring mutinously at the men, daring them to fight.

Raine gave an amused smile as he looked at the small group of women with a backbone. His fiery kitten stood tall in the front, staring him down without a trace of fear in her eyes. He could smell the fear and arousal on all the other women, but these five radiated hostility and stubbornness. He wanted her, Noelle, his kitten, and nothing would stop him from claiming her as his.

She was tall for a woman, but still short enough for his liking at exactly five foot eleven. Long brown hair curled around her shoulders and down to the middle of her back like a lazy fire. When she moved he caught glints of red in her hair that accented her hazel eyes.

Looking at the four other men with him, Raine nodded to them, indicating that they could pick their women and get ready to leave. Each of the four men ignored all the other women throwing themselves at them and headed for the group of defiant women. His second in command, Finn, grabbed the small dark haired pixie while the twins, Paxton and Theo headed for the two blondes to the side of Noelle. Fletcher grabbed the fiery red head and Raine grabbed Noelle. They swung the girls over their shoulders and headed for the door all within a matter of seconds.

The girls all put up a fight, hitting and kicking the men, but the men ignored them, chuckling at their feistiness. Paxton slapped his woman on her ass, earning him a blistering speech on cavemen and gentlemen.

“Wait!” Clarke whined. “Take us with you! You don’t want them!” Many of the other women agreed, but Raine looked at them in disgust. He was used to women throwing themselves at him and his men, it was unavoidable. They emitted some sort of pheromone that attracted women in flocks, but this was bordering on ridiculous. Why would he want some whiny bitch when he could have a challenge?

“Put us down!” Noelle grunted, trying to kick him. Speaking of challenges…Raine simply wrapped his arms around her legs, so that they were immobile.

“Careful, kitten, we wouldn’t want to hurt anything important,” he purred. “Now stop fighting, we’re not going to hurt you and your friends.” He grinned when he heard her give an unfeminine snort.

Noelle sighed in frustration when the men carried her and the other women outside. She turned her head to see who all had been grabbed and grinned. Delilah and Ingrid grinned and gave her a sarcastic wave from the backs of the two men they were with. The tall guys looked like twins. They both had hair that was a mixture of black and dark brown. She couldn’t see their faces, but she was sure she would see them eventually.

On her other side was Tamsin and Violet. Violet was thrown over the shoulder of a man with startling blonde hair. It was so light it was almost white. Tamsin’s man had light brown hair with blonde highlights. All the men were tall and well built. They all had nice butts too. At least Raine did.

Noelle shook her head, trying to focus on anything but Raine’s ass and naked back. It was hard, but she managed to catch Tamsin’s attention and mouth “plan?”’ to her. Tamsin was her cousin and seemed to always have something up her sleeve. Tamsin shook her head and pointed to her head, indicating that she was trying to think of something. Noelle nodded in understanding and went back to admiring the scenery. The forest of course.

They walked in silence for a while, listening only to the animals around them. The men made no noise when walking. After some time Noelle realized that there was absolutely no noise. The birds and animals had gone, leaving a pressuring silence that closed in on their group. Claustrophobia set in even though they were in the wide-open forest.

“Raine?” Noelle whispered worriedly, questioning the eerie silence.

“Shh,” he said so softly, she barely heard it. “Finn,” he said in an equally quiet voice. Finn looked over at him and nodded, understanding what Raine wanted him to do. He stopped walking and placed Violet on the ground in front of him, still keeping his arms wrapped around her. The other men followed in suit, warning the women to keep quiet. Finn closed his eyes, listening to and smelling the forest around him.

After a minute he tensed and opened his violet eyes in a flash of anger. “Hunters,” he hissed softly. The other men growled softly, sending shivers up and down the women’s spines.

“Stay close,” Raine ordered to everyone, “If we’re quiet we might be able to avoid them.” The group crept slowly through the forest, keeping an eye out for any betraying movements.

A split second before the arrow tore through the forest all of the men tensed and pushed the women behind them. Theo groaned in pain and anger and clutched his shoulder where an arrow now protruded. “It’s poisoned,” he bit out, wrenching the arrow from his shoulder. Ingrid screamed from behind him and looked at Noelle in fear.

“Shit!” Rained hissed angrily. He pushed Noelle completely behind him and looked at his men. “We need to put the women in the middle to protect them. We don’t know how many Hunters there are. I only smell about ten, but I could be wrong.” He doubted that he was wrong, but it was stupid not to be prepared for anything. The men ushered the women into a pod and circled around them, waiting for the next move. Within seconds men emerged from the surrounding trees on all sides with bow and arrows and guns. A large black hawk circled overhead, screeching ominously.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” one man sneered. “Five pussies and five…” he paused to give the women an appreciative look, “well what do you know? Five more pussies.” The other men leered and closed in on Raine and his men.

Raine snarled and glared at the men, “Come any closer and we will kill you, Hunters.”

The Hunters laughed maniacally and raised their weapons. “No, we’re going to kill you and then have some fun with your women,” the leader said cockily.

Ingrid and Violet grabbed the other girls and pulled them all close together. “I’m kind of scared,” Violet admitted in a whisper. “I know the guys that took us are buff and all, but those Hunters have weapons.”

“I’m sure they’ll think of something,” Tamsin said shakily. She gave a watery smile and looked at Ingrid. Ingrid nodded in agreement and smiled encouragingly.

Fletcher turned around to look at the women. He gave them an intense look before vowing fiercely, “We will protect you, have no fear.” He paused, allowing a hard look to enter his eyes, “Be brave,” he finally said firmly. Fletcher turned back around and the men tightened their circle around the women.

“Ready men?” Raine whispered. They all nodded and trembled with excitement and adrenaline, ready to fight to the death to protect their women. They closed their eyes and called on their inner beast, relishing in the feeling of primal raw power rippling through their bodies.

Each released an ear-splitting scream into the air and landed on the ground on all fours.

Five snarling panthers now surrounded the women. 

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