Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 

I was positively surprised, I didn't expect to find a guys house, clean. Maybe, I'm being stereotypical, oh wait, the upstairs hallway, one door was left open... That rooms a tip, hm ... There's like five bedrooms up here and I saw two downs stairs.

" who else lives here?" I called down the hall, where Dan had only just clambered up the stairs.

" no-one, but me and Reece are trying to find more like us..."

" huh?"

" oh, uh, you see, we, half demon beings, well we, to the angels are, criminals, and they try to you know, kill us. I'm finding as many of our kind as I can and ... Keeping us in groups, the five that I managed to kill, were all from the same guy... Steven. Who has it in for me. So ... Do you mind staying?"

" I suppose, I've got no-where to go back too." since a care-home, isn't really a home itself.

" where's your stuff?"

" at the home. But, I can't just leave."

" well ... What if ... Uh, I adopted you?"

" it would be an excuse... Don't you have to be like 18 ?"

" I'm way older ..."

" uh, oh. You don't look it"

" were immortal we don't have to" he shrugged, throwing me my messenger bag... I must have dropped that... Well I did it again. " what a superb catch" he winked .

I snatched it off the floor, tugging at the strap, and forcefully putting it over my head. I stroked the cover, smiling to myself... Anime fan right here peeps, and I have a bag with Sebastian on it, I wanted Ciel, but I couldn't find one so... I got this awesome thing!



" I'm not sexist but, you just made me more so to believing girls can't catch"

I chuckled a bit before leaping at him and still my test proved wrong because he caught me, then fell to the floor.

" does that still count as catching you?" he groaned, sitting up so I ended up sideways in his lap,

" yeah, but anyway, you surprised me, how was I supposed to know?"

" well, if someone throws a knife at you, are you gonna catch it ? I can, you probably won't, there not gonna say. Wait a second, I'm throwing a knife at you, you've gotta catch it okay?" he said raising his eyebrows.

" why would someone- ahh" I screamed again, when a knife stabbed the floor ... Or my foot, should I say?

" WHAT THE HELL!" I yelled ripping it out from base, wincing with a hiss, using Dan as a shield. " if you did that, I'm stabbing your foot!" I hissed.

" I honestly didn't do that. " he hoisted me up, throwing me over his shoulder, wow, dizzy now! " now would you stay silent in the cupboard a second?" he smiled, slamming the cupboard door, trapping me inside, how sweet, I'm trapped in the pitch black. At least I have the knife.

I felt up the Walls, searching for anything, I found shoes and coats... Uh, some footballs, a couple hats, an There we go, light switch.

Yay, light... This is just a normal cupboard... With a smirking guy in here... Right...

RUN AWAY! I burst out the door, and ran up the stairs again, hearing Mr random right behind me, my messenger bag was slamming into my leg, why'd it have to be so heavy, hopefully this works... I started running backwards, And threw the knife, hitting the soft of his throat, boo yaa! But no instead he threw it back, so I ducked, automatically stopping, which tripped him up and I watched the knife hit one of his friends in the back of the neck, ouch. " backstabbing your friend? Be respectful !" I scrambled backwards, shoot now there's two creeps after me... And they didn't die, I'm screwed... At least there bleeding. "

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