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Meeting the Family (Part 2)

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Hey guys!!! So I am super happy to see that you guys didn't totally get upset with my little vanishing act! I am horrible sorry about that. I HOPE it won't happen again but no promises. I have been having major issues with my family as well as my own health and school issues. I will continue to try and update as much as possible. I hope you all can forgive me for that. I do try  to update those of you that have joined the Facebook page as well. So please feel free to go there and you can normally see why I am absent so much from here. I also post when I update on both this and my newest story Remembering Elijah. I love you all and now that I've kept you waiting long enough here is the next update of Forbidden Love! Enjoy! oh and that's Scarrlette.. or how she looks in my head


Scarrlette's POV

   We pulled up in front of a large house, from what I saw there were three floors above ground, but who knew what was hiding below. There were a few other cars already in the driveway. I was honestly so nervous and felt I was only going to make a fool of myself. But I swallowed the feeling of throwing up and slowly got out of the car, both because I was nervous and huge even for five and a half months pregnant.

   Julian laughed at me as I tried to get out and walk up the sidewalk. Apperently I waddle quite a bit. I had just made it to the front stoop when the door opened, and there standing in front of me was Julian's mom. She gave us both a big warm smile, which made me feel less nervous about being in the same house as Ashton. I think the only thing that was bothering me now was Julian's dad... I hadn't really heard much about him and the last thing I needed was him getting upset because I was pregnant and almost 6 years younger than Julian. Oh and then there's the fact that he is my teacher! Yeah, that will go over so well with his family...

     "Scarrlette, it is so nice to see that you made it here after all. Julian had called and said he wasn't sure if you guys were going to be able to make it." His mother said, hugging me from the side.

   "Yeah, he talked me into it. By the way, you have such a lovely home," I said with a smile on my face.

    "Why, thank you, we do try to keep up some sense of style in our home. It doesn't have to be much but just enough to provide a sense of class." 

    I laughed lightly at that comment. She really thought that this was just barely enough? Please this was plenty, they had a lovely home and I couldn't wait to see more of it.

    "Scarrlette, why don't you let Julian show you where the dining room is. We will all be in shortly, I just have to find my husband and Ashton." Julian's mother said, before vanishing.

   I followed Julian into a large dining room off of the front hall. His family was honestly so rich and I didn't understand how I was ever going to fit in with this type of setting. I mean, Julian could have gotten any home in the city and he decided on a small apartment. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, in fact I am glad he did that. It shows that he doesn't care about the fact that his family is like so freakin rich. 

    We eventually sat down for dinner, and it was everyone close to Julian. His mother and father as well as Ashton and some chick Ashton was set on bringing... I didn't like being in the same room as him, especially after everything that happened.

    "So, Scarrlette, how did you meet Julian?" his father asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

    I paniced slightly before answering. "I met him at a club I was at one night. We hit it off well, so we decided to stay in touch with each other and talk a little." I answer with a small smile on my face.

   "Ashton was saying you go to the college Julian works at?" 

    Shit.... I wasn't getting away with this anymore... Might as well just tell the truth and get it over with. 

    "yeah, he was my history professor." I said, haning my head.

    "I see... Well, does he make you happy?" 

    "Yes, very much so." 

    "Then, I guess I can try to support it. Julian, your mother told me eveything already, so I know about every situation right now. And Scarrlette, I am sorry for what my other son has done to you. We are here for help if you ever need it."

    I was shocked at what I had just heard. I mean, I was his student and like six years younger than him. But I wasn't going to complain, if they would support it, I wasn't going to argue.

   The rest of the night went well surprisingly. Even if Ashton was there the whole time giving me nasty looks. Hey, it's not my fault he raped me and I got pregnant. But other wise, I had a great night. I got to learn a little bit more about Julian and his family. They were a small family but had a house big enough for 25. It was amazing, and I loved every minute. I was happy to be back at our small apartment though. And I fell right to sleep the second my head hit the pillow. I was content, even with all the stuff happening right now.


There you go guys!!! I am soo sorry about the late update... My sister had ended up in the hospital for a while. But everything is good now!!! So yeah please leave a comment on what you think. and maybe vote or share this? Love you guys!! I'll try to update soon. 


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