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Mia in the media.

Mia's P.O.V

Monday morning came. I sat in my usual seat for Homeroom, between Daniel and Carson.

Daniel was talking to his friends about the game Friday. Now I wasn't being nosey, but their conversation seemed quite interesting.

"I don't know what happened"Daniel said

"All I know is that I've never seen Daniel strike out before"Matthew said

"Facts. He's never been struck out, ever"Chris said

"Whoever was pitching against him was hella good, because they struck all of us out. They even hit against us"David said

"We're supposed to be undefeated. We lost our first game this season"Jacob said

"Just know, that'll never happen again. As team captain, I'll make sure that doesn't happen again"Daniel said

"Word"the rest said in unison

I feel bad now. The bell rung, signaling that class is beginning.

"I'm sorry"I mumble

"Huh?"Daniel said

"What?"I say

"You said something"he said

"Oh, no. I said I was hungry"I say

"Oh...okay"he said

I nod, paying attention to class.

I wonder how long it's been since he last struck out.


I watched as Grace grabbed Daniel's phone from his hand. He stared at her, more like glared.

"Why?"he asked

"I wanted to check your messages"she said, scrolling through his phone

He took her phone from her, scrolling through her phone. About a second later, she turned it off. Not before noticing the picture.

"You took pictures with her?"she asked, anger clear in her voice

"She asked"he said

"But when I do, you turn away"she said

He shrugged. He took his phone and kissed her cheek, standing up from their lunch table.

"I'll see you later Grace"he said, handing her phone back

She glared at him as he walked away. Her eyes landed on me. We had a 5 minute staring contest.

She then got up and marched out of the lunchroom, with Alice and Megan in tow.

"Well, that was dramatic"I say, standing from my seat


I sat in last period (Homeroom) between Daniel and Carson once again. I was so focused in drawing, I didn't know that Daniel was trying to get my attention.

"Huh?"I say

He chuckled.

"I said, did you sign up for Baseball yet?"he asked

"Oh..."I say

Should I lie?

"Well?"he asked

"No"I say

"Really? I thought you wanted to"he said

"I did...but I changed my mind"I say

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