Cantabile Symphony For Louis [LILO]

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Liam James Payne is a piano prodigy. There's no classic piece of music he cannot play. From Mozart to Schuman, Wagner or Chopin, passing by Beethoven and Bach, he can play them all perfectly. He used to be top of the piano class in the Wolverhampton Conservatoire. But this year, he is moving to Doncaster. Sure, thanks to his talent back in Wolverhampton Conservatoire, his place in the advanced piano class in Doncaster Conservatoire is assured, but everything might change for him there. New town, new Conservatoire, and maybe new life?

What happens when things change for Liam in his new life? Indeed, life puts in way Louis William Tomlinson. They seem to have nothing in common. Liam is acknowledged as pure talent, he is quite popular, he is quite maniac. He likes everything to be tidy and well organized where as Louis is just the outcast of the Conservatoire, the one without talent, the one teachers think he is the dunce of the entire school, a messy person who throws everything across his room, an hopeless case of laziness as regards room tidying... Liam will find him exasperating, hopeless, but he will also find out that Louis is just a brut diamond who needs to be arranged. And while he tries to fix the older boy,maybe, just maybe, as opposite really do attract, love might blossom.

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I know I have a lot of stories going on but I just really wanted to start writing this story. I have had the main plot for months now, and I just couldn't wait any longer to write it because we all know Lilo is my weak spot...

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