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I pushed my way through the crowd as he chased behind me.

"ANA! ANA, WAIT!", he screamed as I jumped on the red double bus. it wasn't as easy as I thought; just running away from him, from London, from my insecurities.

Thoughts got jumbled up in my head as the bus sped on. Why would he like me, Anastasia, the small town girl that nobody ever seemed to even care about? Why?

I jerked forward as the bus came to a sudden stop. I hurried of the bus and took in my surroundings. What was I doing at... wherever this is.

Looking around, the only place I recognized was the London Eye. I remember when we first met on that. The memories were just so painful to even think about. My memories were interrupted as I heard my name being called, "ANASTASIA AVALON! COME BACK! I NEED YOU!" As he got closer he quieted down, but still ignored the daggers being glared at him by a few business people. He searched my eyes thoroughly before speaking, "Anastasia, baby, please, don't avoid me and run away. I need you to stay with me, please?"

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