Chapter Three

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Will's POV-

I stood by my father's throne, waiting for my future bride to arrive. I did not want to marry Bianca de Angelo, but I had given up telling my father that, he did not listen anyway.

The herald, Jason, entered the room and announced, "Princess Bianca and Prince Nico of Bacia."

In walked a beautiful Princess, in a flowing purple and black dress. Her hair was styled in a bun that perfectly framed her face.

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Though the girl, who I assumed was Bianca, was beautiful, I did not feel at all attracted to her

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Though the girl, who I assumed was Bianca, was beautiful, I did not feel at all attracted to her.

Next to her was her was a short pale boy, Prince Nico I assume. I was surprised to see him, I was only aware that Bianca was staying here at the castle. I guess it wouldn't be too bad, having another Prince to talk to would be nice.

I realized that I had been staring at the boy, and looked away, just as as my father begun to speak, "Welcome, Bianca and Nico de Angelo. I hope that you will enjoy your time in Cira." (Pronounced Seera) "William here will show you to your rooms."

I smiled and waved at our guests, "this way please," I lead them off in the direction of their guest suits.

"So Prince William," Bianca began, in a very regal tone.

"Please, call me Will."

"Will. What is it that you do to pass time here in Cira?"

"I love spending time in the library, and our garden is magnificent as well." Bianca smiled wearily at me.

"How old are you," Prince Nico eyed me suspiciously.

"Nico!" Bianca hissed, "Don't be rude."

"That's okay," I laughed at the boy's protective demeanor. "I'm eighteen, as of last week."

"Do you have any unhealthy addictions or tendencys," Nico inquired.

I laughed, "Not at all."

Bianca blushed, "Sorry about my brother."

"It's totally fine," I reassured as we approached the two rooms that were our destination. "Bianca, you will be there on the right, and Nico one the left. I'm right across the hall if you need me." I waved at a passing maid and she approached, "This is Thalia, if you need anything ask her."

Thalia smiled, "My quarters are just down the hall, feel free to come for whatever you need whenever you need it."

"Thank you Will, I think Nico and I should unpack now."

"Of course," I walk down the hall to my room, still hearing the two siblings bickering inside Bianca's room.

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