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Bad Boy's P.O.V

It was detention today and I finally got to see Prankster since she had been avoiding me all day like the plague and I had no idea where Baxter was. Last night the only memory I had was drinking a lot and getting into a fight with a man in the street who was trying to touch up an innocent woman but after that I don't remember much. All I remember was being cleaned up by someone but the next thing I knew I woke up in bed in my pyjamas completely cleaned up and sober.

As soon as I got in the detention room I saw Prankster chewing gum smirking to myself as I walked towards her and took a seat feeling something gooey underneath me but I decided to ignore it, it was probably just the chairs padding.

"Hey Prankster, I'm so sorry about yesterday you have no idea. I feel dreadful and I didn't mean what I said, you just brought up a sensitive topic" I told her hoping she still wasn't mad, if only she knew about my past. This was a big thing for me to apologize since I hadn't done it in a long time but I'd only apologize to her because she's different.

"What do you want Bad Boy? I'm not forgiving you just yet you know!" She asked rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry okay, can I take you out to the fair to make up for it so we can talk?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.

"Actually I have a date with my boyfriend Baxter, talking about dates I must go since Baxter is waiting for me outside, bye now!" Prankster told me smirking before standing up sexily. I watched her walk out the room before everything sunk in, she was dating my best friend who'd just use her and break her heart, I was going to have a serious word with him.

I attempted to stand up out my chair to run after Prankster but I couldn't seem to lift my bum off my seat and that's when I realized she had glued the seat and glued my jeans to the seat. If she wanted to play dirty then she can but I wouldn't let Baxter take her out like trash and once she forgives me maybe I can tell her about my past.


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