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Prankster's P.O.V

The date with Baxter was one thing and that was AWFUL. I don't blame it on Baxter but it was the fact that the restaurant was so fancy that I felt so out of place, the waiter was rude and pushy and the waitress spilt wine all over my new white dress. After the meal Baxter took me back to my house and I feel bad for saying this but I felt relief once he dropped me back home, tonight was awful.

"I'm so sorry for tonight, I really am. If I would've known I would have taken you to another place for a meal or something. Do you want to maybe watch a movie?" Baxter asked me causing me to nod in agreement, it couldn't get any worse right?

Once Baxter had took off his shoes and I showed him around my house I turned the TV on and grabbed some popcorn and bacon crisps for us to share before flicking through new movies.

"Can we watch The Purge Anarchy?" I asked Baxter hoping he'd say yes since I had only watched 'The Purge' and hadn't yet seen the sequel.

"Sure thing, I didn't know horrors were your thing babe" Baxter told me with his handsome smile before he put his arm round me and I started playing the film. Once the film had finished me and Baxter spoke for a while before he leaned towards me and brushed my cheeky gently before fanning his hot and peppermint breath against my face.

The next thing I know he placed his lips against mine and sweetly kissed me before deepening the kiss causing me to groan, I had to admit Baxter was one hell of a kisser but he didn't have much of a personality but I guess I could give us a try, plus it would make Bad Boy jealous.

I was so mad at Bad Boy but I couldn't stop thinking about him, even when I was kissing Baxter all I could think of was him, he's such a jerk. Baxter started kissing me on my neck before the doorbell rang. I pulled away from Baxter and went to my door to reveal Bad Boy stood in the rain with a bloody nose and he was stumbling round before he collapsed on the floor in a heap. The things I do for this pile of shit is endless.

With the help of Baxter I got Bad Boy inside and started drying him off and cleaned his wounded face before putting a ibuprofen in his mouth, he was drunk and had been beaten up and it didn't make it better that he hit his head.

"I'll take him back to his house for you and I'll put some ice on his head, I'll see you tomorrow girlfriend" Baxter told me smirking, since when were we dating?

"Since when are we dating? And okay, make sure he is safe and don't tell him I helped clean him up when he gets sober" I told Baxter but I couldn't imagine him being my boyfriend, he was a player or ex-player after all.

"We're dating since now, bye babe" Baxter told me causing me to cringe before he picked up Bad Boy and walked towards his car before driving off, well tonight was eventful.


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