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Bad Boy's P.O.V

I messed up, and when I say messed up I mean that I messed up big time. I regret what I said to Prankster, I didn't mean it but it just isn't that simple. She knows nothing about my past and I couldn't face her all those years back. I used to be happy, I used have an amazing best friend who was Prankster and two amazing parents I wouldn't swap for the world.

That all changed one Sunday afternoon, it was pouring it down with rain and the roads were flooded and the skies grey. I knew there was a storm brewing and it wasn't safe to be on the roads at the time but my mother and father were.

We were a close family, the ones you see on TV with the flower baskets hanging from the wall, a white picket fence out front and a family dog. Since my mother and father were madly in love every Sunday my parents would go on their weekly date night to their favourite steak house to get some time to themselves.

I was waiting for them to get home since I was worried about the weather outside but I never saw them again that night. The weather was stormy and their car aquaplaned off of a cliff causing them to die instantly on impact. After that night I was broken, I didn't dare talk to Prankster and her family I knew so well, they never knew of my parent's death as I never told them, I just moved out the house and made it as if I had moved away with my family.

Prankster would call me each night and left me cute voicemails with her innocent prepubescent voice and would ask where I was but I didn't reply to her. I had no family left on either side except for my uncle who hated my parents so I was the only one attending my parent's funeral and my dog Ruby was took on by another family. That left me all alone, I was later fostered by numerous families but none of them seemed to fit.

I thought at first I would find a new family who were just as good as my parents but it was the complete opposite. I was took in by numerous families but each was horrible, I was bruised and battered and the families I thought looked so innocent and so perfect were my worst nightmare.

I was slapped, thumped, insulted and punched and one man even put out his cigarette butt on my stomach causing numerous scars which I intend to hide from people. I was scarred as well and nearly raped if it hadn't been for one of the eldest kids in the family named Brent who helped me get back on my feet and saved me.

Brent let me stay in his house where I live now and he helped get me therapy but all throughout what had happened the only person on my mind was Prankster. How was she now? Did she look different? Did she hate me?

Brent became my family and ended up adopting me; he separated from his abusive family and helped me earn a living whilst he let me mourn for my parents and let me get over my horrid past. Brent was a twenty year old man who was studying at the moment and he was like the brother I never had.

I knew Prankster would have moved on by now or she'd hate me but I always observed her at school but avoided her so she didn't see my bruises.

I ended up meeting Baxter who was a new kid in school and we started hanging out and both got into the football team causing us to be classed as popular. Once I had been adopted Brent I didn't have to hide anymore and me and Baxter were the two bad boys since we were always up to no good and I was a ladies man, all the girls flung themselves at me.

I hated the new me and I wanted the innocent me back but I didn't want to let my guard down again, not after my past. The only person who knew of my past is Brent but no one else did, but I would tell Prankster someday, just not yet.

Even though I had Baxter and Brent I still felt the pain and I guess after going to numerous parties due to being classed as 'Popular' and a 'Bad Boy' I got into drinking and ended up drinking a lot but stopped when Prankster came back into my life. I need to tell her soon or I know I'll lose her for good.


Sorry this is long but this is Bad Boy's past so it had to be explained. I hope you liked this chapter and all your votes and comments will mean the world. This is dedicated to EbbieEbs for their lovely comments and votes; also they have been really supportive and have always been reading my book so thank you! {Picture of Prankster on her date}

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