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"There's a demon at my door

And he's keeping of all my past mistakes..."


      Levi sped down the familiar streets, to an even more familiar building – the largest, oldest pub in town on the corner of East and Main. The four story building was old red brick with a faded sign hanging over the sidewalk. It used to be a hotel, but then it got converted to a bar with a low-key brothel running out of the upper rooms. The sight of the bar churned Levi's stomach, it looked so grimy now. No longer the safe haven where he could escape.

He was all too acquainted with the parking lot, it having been expanded when the old pharmacy behind it was knocked down. Levi parked in the spot that had been 'reserved' for him near the building, since he'd been a very frequently, very well paying patron. It disgusted him, but it came in handy. He zipped into it, the people hanging around the back smirking as they recognized the car.

"Oi, Ackerman," called a grimy man with an accent floating between Welsh and Australian, as Levi got out of his car. "The girls 'ave been waiting for ya!"

"Where are they?" asked Levi, his palms getting clammy. The man smirked, nodding upwards.

"The lounge."

Levi gave the man a sharp nod, and went in the building. The bar tender grinned over at the short man as he passed.

"The usual, Levi?" he asked.

Levi shot him a glare. "No."

Levi quickly ascended the stairs, going into the first room on the left when he reached the top.

"Hi, Levi," greeted a few girls in unison as he entered.

Levi nearly gagged as he really looked around for the first time. Smoke yellowed, water stained ceiling, cracked crimson paint and stained once-upon-a-time crème carpet. The scent of weed and cigarettes mixed with alcohol and cheap French perfume wafted around the room. It was a horrid stench, Levi wondered how he ever chose this over your scent.

He especially adored your scent after sex; raw, earthy and mixed with his own.

"We were starting to wonder when you were going to come," stated a woman, a good eight inches taller than he was with black and green extension sweeping at her hips, as she slid an arm around his shoulder.

Levi glared, pulling away from her grip. "Get the fuck off me, Alexis!"

"Mmm, Alexis? No one has called me that here for a while. It seems that somebody's moody today – you're the best when you're like that," said Lexi, as she tried to touch Levi again.

"Shut up, for once in your Goddamn life. Shut. Up!" snapped Levi, causing the room to go deadly silent; all stared, no longer smiling. "It's that girl again, isn't it, Levi?" questioned Lexi, the slightest hint of spite in her voice. "She's been putting shit in your head –"

"She fucking left me!"

Lexi smirked, "'Bout time. There's no fucking way she could satisfy you like we do –"

"Don't fucking talk about her like that. I didn't come here to play your stupid little mind games. I didn't come to drink, and have your whore asses swooning all over me –"

"Levi," snapped a male voice from the door.

"Stay the hell out of this, Chuck," Levi growled. 'Chuck' – the man from outside – stepped into the room, attempting to place a hand on Levi's shoulder. Levi slapped it away, earning a glare from the man.

"Don't mind him," Lexi said, looking between the glaring men. "His bitch just left him –"

Levi quickly turned and, as much as he hated hitting woman, kicked Lexi in the stomach, catching her jaw with the heel of his boot as she doubled over. The women behind him screamed, and Chuck caught his arm and spun him as Lexi spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Didn't imagine you as a lady beater," she said, wiping at her lip.

"I'm not, but you're not a damn lady," growled the short man, not looking over his shoulder. "And you, I told you to stay out of this."

"It's my bar," spat the man. "I think it's time you left, Levi."

"Not until I'm finished with my business." Levi landed a hard punch to Chuck's jaw. "And I'm just getting started. – This is your. Fucking. Fault!"


"Disguised as someone that I know,

Waiting patiently like there's no one left to take..."

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