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"It's been a while since I have held you in my arms

Being winters just upon us now means darker days..."


  You stared at your notification bar, at the little symbol that showed you had a voice mail and the 'one missed call, Levi <3' notifier block. Your hand trembled slightly, chest filled with uncertainy.

Why had he called?

Did he actually worry about you after all? Was this a pretence?

Had he called to tell you to get the rest of your stuff?

"[Name] – are you alright? You've got a weird look..." asked Marco, raising an eyebrow at you as he trailed off. Your eyes flicked over to him, and then back to your phone.

"I – no – yeah. It's just..." you trailed off, but then shook your head. "Never mind...so where am I sleeping tonight?"

"We didn't move into a two bedroom apartment for you to sleep on the couch," Jean scoffed, rolling his eyes as he stood.

Marco stood as well, nodding for you to follow him down the hall. "You'll have to excuse the mess. I kind of turned half of it into my work space."

You giggled, smiling at him as you entered the room. "I don't mind – I like your drawings."

Marco blushed at this, stuttering a 'thank you' as he followed you in. The room was on the small side, and white like the rest of the apartment. In the corner was an L shaped desk, a computer and drawing tablet sitting on it along with a sketch book and an ocean of papers. A cork board, barely noticeable beyond all of the concept sketches pinned to it, was hung on the wall.

"In fact," you started, "it's nice to see a cluttered place like this after living with Levi. It feels – lived in, comfortable. I don't feel like I'm going to be yelled at if I move something, or leave my stuff out. – Thank you guys, again, for letting me stay here. You're great!"

"It's no problem," Jean said, casually looping an arm around Marco's waist.

Marco nodded. "Yeah, we don't really get a lot of visitors. So it's nice to have a house guest."

You smiled at them with a nod. "Well, I should probably be getting to bed. I – I'm probably going to go apartment hunting tomorrow."

"Right, g'night, [Name]," said Jean, turning and leaving. Marco lingered, trying to force out a reassuring smile.

"I'm sure all of this will sort itself out, [Name]," he said, "feel free to wake us up if you need anything. Sweet dreams."

You returned a 'sweet dreams' and watched as Marco left the room, closing the door behind him. Settling on the bed, the looked at your phone once again.

"Why did you call me, Levi?" you muttered to it. "Do I even want to hear it? – I have to listen to it to erase it anyway, so..."

You pressed your lips together, staring fearfully at your phone before pressing the notification. Your stomach twisted as you held the device to your ear, and listened to the dial tone.

"You have one new message, first unheard message," said the woman on the voicemail. There was a click as it transferred to the call, but crackling silence afterwards.

"I – er –" stuttered Levi's voice, just as you were about to erase the message. You pulled your thumb away, listening again to the deafening silence. You flinched as Levi's voice began to talk, "Oi, brat, where the hell are you? You can't just go running off like that! You freaked the shit out of me! What if your dumb ass gets fucking kidnapped by an axe murder or some shit?! – look – when you get this, don't be a little shit, give me a call back...please."

You didn't whether to laugh or cry.

Levi genuinely seemed concerned.


"And longer hours spent waiting for you to come walking through the door 

Take your coat off for a while and let the night unfold itself..."

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