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"If I took my time and hurried up

Would my efforts made still be enough..."


    "Mr. Acker –" started Eren as the call connected.

"Cut the shit, where's [Name]?" Levi snapped, glaring out his windshield at the garage door.

Eren laughed uncomfortably. "[Na]-[Name]? O-Oh, uh – I wou – wouldn't know. Why are you asking me? Shouldn't she be with you?"

"Of course she's not. Fucking. With me! Use your damn brain," cursed Levi, rolling his eyes. "You guys are always up each other's asses, I – look, is she with you or not, brat!"

"Wh-Why isn't she with you?"

Levi flinched, his hand tightening around the steer wheeling. "We – uh – had a bit of a disagreement –"

"Disagreement, my ass," grunted Mikasa. Levi's furrowed brows dropped further down at his cousin's voice.

"And how the hell would you know?" Levi spat, gripping the phone tighter.

"I have my ways – I heard you'd rather sleep with those whores from the bar again. After you said they weren't worth your time," Mikasa said bluntly. "And we don't know where [Name] is. But she's an adult, she can take care of herself – without you. Goodbye, Levi."

Before Levi could protest, the line went dead. He glared at the phone, mentally cursing his bratty younger cousin. She knew how to get to him. Those last words stung him, stabbing through him like a sword.

You could take care of yourself. You were a full grown woman after all.

You didn't need him always keeping watch over you, you didn't need him as your guard or protector.

Levi sighed, tapping the end of his phone lightly against the charcoal dashboard. Okay, so you weren't with Eren and the other two little shits. You hadn't gone obvious - of course you wouldn't. You didn't want him to chase you. But, of everyone else, it was hard to tell who you were with.

Who said you'd even gone to a friend's house?

Maybe you'd gone to a hotel, or were going back to your parents' house...

Maybe you'd gone to the bar...

Where you'd met.

"The bar, that shitty place," grumbled Levi, leaning an elbow on the steering wheel with a hand through his hair.

The bar, before he could bring himself to find you (if you hadn't gone there) he needed to start at that damn place.

He was going to show those women that he wasn't their toy anymore.


"If I kept my head clean for a bit

With hopes I'd washed my hands of it..."

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