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"Somewhere in the dark, it's waiting

To take us all away..."


Jean groaned as he stared at the number on his phone. He couldn't believe he was doing this. Eren Jeager was the last person he wanted to talk to. But if it delayed shorty's finding you, he'd do it (the idea, kudos to Marco). He'd already called everybody else, only Eren, Armin and Mikasa were left and he figured they were probably all together.

Three birds with one stone and all that, right?

"The hell do you want Kirstein?" cursed Eren, clearly not in a good mood. Jean grumbled in the back of his throat, swiftly calming himself as he pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

"Look, I need you and Mikasa to do something for – well, not me and Marco – but [Name]," Jean spat, his teeth clenched.

"[Name]?!" Eren automatically perked upon hearing the name. "No, it's not [Name], it's Jean – something to do with her. – Mikasa's here too, oh and Armin."

In the background, Armin chirped in a greeting.

Jean rolled his eyes. "Look, if Levi calls any of you guys, we need you to – mislead – him."

"Why would we need to do that?" asked Mikasa bluntly.

"He and [Name] have had...er...a figh-"

"You can tell them," you said, emerging from the bathroom. "I don't care if Mikasa kicks his ass. Besides, they're cousins – it's what they do."

Eren moaned impatiently from the other end of the line. Jean pulled the phone away from his ear to glare at the screen before handing it off to you.

"H-hey guys," you mumbled into the receiver; the three greeted you happily. "Look, Levi and I – we're not, um, exactly on speaking terms right now..."

Mikasa was the first to speak. "What did that idiot do?"

Clearing your throat, you gave a large sigh. "H-He, u-um, ch-cheated on me."

"With who?" Mikasa's voice a threatening tone in it.

You chuckled nervously, running your hand through your wet hair. "Well, there was a bunch of them from what I saw. I – I think he knew them before he ever met me...ya know, from the bar?"

"The 'dancers,'" Mikasa groaned, sighing afterwards. Even quieter, in a range you figured you weren't supposed to hear, she muttered, "He said he wasn't going to bother with them anymore...asshole."

"We warned you before you got with him –" started Eren in the back ground. You heard a thwack and then a groan – presumably Mikasa whacking Eren on the back of the head.

"I – I know," you murmured, swallowing thickly as you lowered yourself onto the couch again. "Look – if he calls just...tell him you don't know where I am. I know it's counter intuitive to call you, when you wouldn't know where I was in the first place, but just so you don't worry – I'm at Jean and Marco's apartment. I doubt he's even batted an eyelash at my vanishing act. More room for him to...'entertain', if anything."

There was a loud clatter in your ear, making you flinch, and then shuffling.

"Mikasa, calm down," you could faintly hear Armin say in the background.

"[Name], I – hold on." There was a second of silence, and then Eren said, "Speak of the devil – Levi's calling."

"You better answer that, and remember – not a word that I'm at Jean and Marco's! Bye!" you rushed, and then hung up.

Relaxing back into the couch you looked at your phone, a mild shock meeting your sight.

Levi had called you –

and actually left a voicemail.

The only question was,

Should you listen to it?


"Believing is not the same as knowing

Where we will arrive in the end...'

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