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"A hollow calm sets in

For this lonely boy in a frightened mans skin..."


 Levi doused the fire (because, hey, the last thing he needed was the house burning down, right?), then grabbed a jacket and pulled on sockets and shoes. The image of you wandering around the streets in the dark invading his mind. He was going to find you, even if he had to search all night.

Levi grabbed his keys, along with his wallet, and beelined for the car once the house was locked up. The shininess of the Mustang seemed to mock him now; reflecting his frazzled hair, and odd expression. But he shook it off as he climbed in the driver's seat and started it up. He was surprised to find you'd left your Wind in Sails CD in the player, so it started playing as the radio turned on. As much as he hated the band, he kept it playing.

It made him feel closer to you.

As Levi went to throw car into gear, he remembered that he hadn't thought of a place to start. "If I were [Name], where would I go?"

Levi opened his phone, scrolling through his contacts. Why did you have to be friends with his work underlings? Your name appeared under his frequent list, but he knew better than to call.

You wouldn't answer him.

Or would you?

Levi stared at your contact picture before turning down the music and dialing. His heart pounded harder as he listened, each dull tone raking through him.

"Hello," answered your voice. "You've reached [Name], leave your name and a message at the tone!"

Your voice seemed like sweet honey in Levi's ears, though he'd seen you but an hour ago, it felt like forever since he last heard your voice.

When the tone sounded, Levi sat silent a moment as he tried to put his words together.

"I – er –" sputtered Levi, quite unsure what to say. However, his old habits kicked back in as he blurted out a message. He cringed at his words as they flowed from his mouth.

Before he could say anything else stupid, Levi hung up the phone. Yes, because that message would so get you to call him back. He groaned, leaning his head back against the seat. If he hadn't been so stupid, he wouldn't be worried sick over where you were and how much trouble you were getting yourself into.

Levi turned the music back up, flinching as he caught the words, 'a lonely boy, in a frightened man's skin.' Leaning forward, Levi pressed his forehead to the steering wheel and allowed for the music wrap around him. He listened to the guitar, imagining you humming along and tapping your fingers on the steering wheel as he snapped at you to watch where you were going. After which, you'd just laugh and roll your eyes, telling him that you were a big girl who could drive on her own.

The strangled chuckle came lurching forth again as he thought of his.

The sun on your face, the wind in your hair and a bright smile – the hot, mild road rage (whether you were driving or not). Levi wanted to reach over and take your soft hand in his. He wanted to stay in that perfect little piece of forever, where he was only with you, the open road and the blue sky. He wanted you to smile over at him, blushing and quickly turning away when he caught you staring.

Sighing, Levi reclined back again.

These feelings...how did he ever go without them?

Why did he ever want to shut them away?

If he regretted anything, if there was one thing that he wished he could undo, it would be trying to turn his back on his feelings for you.


"And it took time to learn

When it all comes down to it

We don't get back what we give..."

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