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"I always knew weren't friends in the bitter end, 

So I bit my tongue until my mouth filled with blood..."


You wondered what Levi was doing as you showered, who he was meeting and sleeping with tonight. Maybe it was Lexi; she looked mixed with pretty, long black and green extensions, a cute tooth gap and belly button gem. You could see Levi getting into that...maybe if you did something different with your hair or got your belly button done...

No – you'd never change for a man. Even if you did love him.

You wrapped yourself in a towel as you stepped out of the shower. Standing before the vanity, you cleared the fog off the mirror. You planted your hands on either side of the sink bowl, staring evenly at yourself in the reflective surface.

"I look so pathetic," you muttered, pulling on the bags under your eyes.

You look beautiful, came Levi's voice in the back of your mind. You watched as your brows furrowed, the corners of your lips pulling down to pout.

How many times did he lie to you to keep you happy? How long did he force the attraction to you? How many times had he stood behind you, arms wrapped around your waist with his head on your shoulder, as you scrutinized yourself in the mirror and told you were perfect the way you were? Even if not so eloquently all of the time...

"Oh, Levi," you gasped sadly. "Why..? Am I not good enough anymore?"

Your shoulders shook as your heart unleased its wrenching tears; a waterfall from your soul. Your fingers tightly gripped the edge of sink, keeping you grounded to reality. You wanted to understand it so much!


What did you do wrong?! Why did he not love you? Were you too clingy, pry a little too much into his past?

You coughed over your sobs, a hand coming up to cover your mouth. "Why don't you love me anymore?"

Jean and Marco had their ears pressed to the door. Marco was on the verge of tears just listening to you. Jean gave his shoulder an affectionate squeeze, kissing the freckled boy's forehead.

"She'll be alright, Marco," Jean muttered, pulling away and wiping away the tear that had gotten away.

"I just wish I – we – could help," said Marco, leaning his face on Jean's shoulder and wrapping his arms around his middle. Jean hugged him back.

"Keep that short asshole away from her, that's all we can," Jean sighed, rubbing Marco's back as he lead him to the living room before they got caught eavesdropping.


"I always fought the way with jealous negativity.

I'm better off without you, always be better off without you..."

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