Fw: Every Beautiful Girl Had One Such Cute Stupid Lover In Her Life

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A Boy Never Does Homework

In Class

To Get Punishment Of Bending

......On His Knees;

In Front Of 'Her' Bench

Just To See Her For Whole Period... ♥

Gets Scoldings From His Parents;

Coz He Reaches Late Everyday,

Just To Ensure That She Has Reached

Home Safely Or Not... ♥

Skips His Lunch

& Pretends To Be Studying In

The Interval;

Just To See Her Eating The Food... =)

Walks By Foot To The Home Instead

Of Taking A Bus;

Just To Save Money To Buy

Chocolates For Her.." ♥ =)

I AM Sure Every Boy One Or Other Time Must Have Done Small or Big Secrifice Just To See The Girl He Likes ♥ ♥  

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