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Zelda paused as she raised a fist to knock on Leo's bedroom door. Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth as she briefly considered high-tailing it back to the safety of her room. Reason said to turn back from what lay on the other side of the door. It said if she stayed the night in her own room, everything that was right with Leo would be the same when she awoke in the morning. Reason also said things were good just as they were between her and Leo.

The shaking in her legs and the pounding of heart said otherwise. They said there was still more of their relationship to explore if she was willing to acknowledge that knocking on the door would change everything.

"Knock, stupid," Zelda whispered to herself as she began to doubt her sanity for even venturing out at two in the morning. "It's not like you were planning on sleeping anyway." Her knuckles tapped lightly at the wood. The hollow sound filled the corridor with surprising volume that made Zelda suddenly wary of disturbing the occupants of the other doors that lined the hall.

If Leo's father happened to walk out into the hall, she could kiss any hope of being accepted as Leo's girlfriend goodbye. She silently urged Leo to hurry to the door and didn't dare to breathe until the slightly bedraggled prince opened it.

She slipped into his room before he could say anything. His face lit up once he wiped the sleep from his eyes and realized what exactly she was doing there.

"Did I wake you?" Zelda asked, her arms wrapped around her waist to steady herself.

"Yeah." Leo closed the door. His movements were as groggy as his voice. "But I don't mind," he said, crossing to Zelda.

He wore nothing but a pair of boxers and a grey t-shirt, and the sight made Zelda wish she thought to put on something more alluring that her striped pajama set. She hadn't planned for this, but she would be lying if she said she hadn't thought about it.

"I've never done this before," she blurted out when Leo lowered his lips to her.

He pulled back, looking a bit caught off guard. "Oh," he said. His hands ran over Zelda's arms as if he tried to warm them against the cold. "But you want to?"

"Yes," Zelda said. The word made her legs tremble all over again.

At this Leo leaned forward to place a glancing kiss close to her mouth "Are you sure?" he asked, placing another kiss on the opposite cheek, just close enough to her mouth to make her ache for their lips to touch.

"Yes." Her heart was in her throat. It was a terribly inconvenient time for her palms to sweat too.

"Because you're shaking right now." Leo's lips were in their dimple-inducing half smile.

"I — I don't know what I'm doing," she admitted.

Leo slid strong arms around her. "Do you trust me to show you?"

Zelda swallowed the lump in her throat and with it, all her fear. "I do."


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