Cato~ Good Luck

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Cato's sword clashes against mine. I can feel the power he puts into each swing.

I tuck and roll and come up behind him, I hold my sword to his neck. Cato and I are both breathing heavily from the fighting.

"Cato, you need to remember to watch your back." I pull the sword away from his neck.

I'm currently training Cato. He goes into the games in a few days. He looks like he could win, if he gets better with his sword. That's where I come in.

"I'd rather watch you." Cato smirks.

I roll my eyes and lift my sword again.

It's the final day. The games begin in a few hours. I walk into the penthouse. I was told I need I wake up Cato and take him to the hovership.

I knock of Cato's door. No response.

"Cato?" I ask as I peek my head inside.

I can see the his sunny blonde hair sticking out I the covers.

"Cato?" I say again as I step closer in his room.

I'm close to Cato now, I could reach out and touch him if I wanted to. I shouldn't though. Trainers aren't supposed to know tributes.

"Ca-" I begin to call his name again when Cato grabs my waist and pulls me into his bed.

"Morning." Cato snuggles into my shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing?" I try to push free from his grasp.

"I just wanted to hold you before the games."

I stop fighting free when he says this. His cocky attitude has faded. Cato is showing a side he hasn't shown anyone, he's nervous.

I turn to face Cato.

"Cato. You've been training your whole life. I understand why you'd be nervous but you can do this. I believe in you Cato." I breathe out.

"And after you win, you'll come back and hold me whenever you want."

I run my hands through Cato's short hair.

Cato looks down at my lips, that causes me to look at his. We both lean closer until our lips meet.

I don't think about the consequences. I don't think about what President Snow would do if he found out.

I just think of Cato's lips and how warm they are.

I pull away before anything can get too heated. He rests his forehead on mine, we both breathe heavily from the kiss.

I roll over Cato, sitting on his lap for a second, and stand next to the bed.

"C'mon" I reach for Cato's hand and pull him out of bed.

Cato's hand is warm in mine. I pull him towards the barroom. He needs to get ready, his clothes for the games are in there.

"Your clothes are on the counter.." I look at my watch, "We have to leave soon."

Cato nods and walks into the bathroom. He slowly shuts it, I walk over to the window across the room. I get distracted in my thoughts, I don't even notice Cato come up next to me.

"It's beautiful" Cato stand next to me in front of the window.

"Yeah. I'll never get used to it." I shake my head.

I look down at my watch, yet again.

"It's time to go" I turn to Cato to see his reaction. His face changes slightly.

"I never thought I would regret volunteering. That was before you. That was before I had hope for a real life."

I pull Cato into a right hug. My eyes fill with tears. I can't cry in front I him, it'd make him more nervous. 

I step into the elevator, Cato close behind. The elevator plummets to the ground floor. We step out and I can feel the wind blow my hair around. The hovership creates a strong wind.

"It time."

"Your not coming with me?" Cato questions.

"Nope, this is as far as they let me go." Cato reaches out and takes my hand in his.

I lean up to place my lips on his. We share a blissful kiss before we have to separate.

"I'm gonna miss you" Cato kisses the tip of my nose.

I smile.

"Cato. It's time to get on board." A peacekeeper instructs.

My hand drops as Cato releases it.

"Good luck!" I call out.

Cato smiles back at me as he climbs on board. 

The games begin soon an all I can hope it that Cato survives them.

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