A Confrontation of Tears

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Dedicated to Markss for a very close guess on my question. Enjoy! Check out the osng on the side it was suggested by a reader, and goes well with the chapter. It was suggested by @withasmileandalaugh. Thanks again for the suggestion love it!

Thank you." I told her as I headed the way she told me. I just came from there and didn't sense Derek at all. I came in front of the door she told me and stopped. I listened for voices but heard none. Suddenly the door was ripped open and there stood Derek.

He had on a white Tee that fit snugly on his upper arms, and a pair of jeans. He looked good, and I almost forgot why I came.

"I uh I..." I tried to form the words but I was stuck.

"Well, you didn't come all the way here for nothing." He snarled. Oh great, he was still in a mood.

"I need to talk to you please," I said. His eyes fell on mine, and I was reminded of how beautiful they were. He opened the door all the way and motioned me inside.

Both Brad and my best friend was standing against a wall, and when they saw me both their eyes moved towards the floor. This is ridiculous, why would my best friend act like that? Neither acknowledged I was even there, it was weird. Derek took a seat at his desk and motioned for me to have a seat. It all seemed so formal; could he hate me that much? I took a sit across from him suddenly feeling little.

"Look I owe you an explanation, and an apology. You may not want to listen, but please just give me a chance to explain." I said. He didn't speak; he only looked at me his eyes remaining their beautiful Blue-green. So I decided to go on.

"I know what I did was wrong, I only wanted to fall in love and choose my own fate.  Initially, I was just going to reject you but a friend helped and gave me a potion to mask my scent. I thought that would be the end of it, but then you decided to look for me." I sighed and couldn't help but notice his eyes had grown a bit darker and he stared at Melly.

"It's not her fault. She didn't even know who you were then, I take all responsibility." I said.

"Her involvement has already been acknowledged and worked out, she is under no punishment," Derek said.

"Well after I found out you were coming to visit my pack, I was desperate, and I begged her to take me to the Witch she got the potion from. The witch then agreed to help me, and gave me the necklace." I said.

"You are telling me what I already know; it is a waste of my time really." He said. His tone was harsh, and it took me aback.

"I was unsure what you knew, so forgive me your Highness for telling you the facts," I said.

"You are telling facts? This has got to be good, please continue." He laughed.

"Fine, well after I met you, I admit I think I was drawn to you. You managed to get on my nerves at first, but the day you came to apologize and ask me on a date, I knew I was interested and wanted to be fair and give you a chance. I wanted to see if there was any real magic between us outside the bond." I said.

"How honorable of you to give me a chance to be with you," He spat.

I was frustrated; not really knowing what was the right thing to say. It seemed he didn't really care one way or the other.

'He is listening, is he not? Don't waste your chance, something is odd, and you need to tell him how you feel." My wolf said.

I wasn't sure what she meant by something being odd, but I knew she was right about telling him how I feel. I took a deep breath and prepared for whatever his decision would be after this.

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