Time Will Only Tell

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She was always picking at my insecurities. It wasn't fair, why did she have to choose me? I wanted to leave, to run away, to a place where no one could judge me. That all changed when I actually got to London. He was there and he always was there. He was there when I was happy, sad, depressed. But most of all he was there all along and showed me my insecurities were actually... Helpful. That I should stop cutting and stop yelling at myself. But... now it was them. they were there and they still are. I just hope he will stay with me, because who knows? They might find someone better and prettier than me. Time will only tell.

OK GUYSSSS it's my first one direction fanfic so NO JUDGING, and vote and comment! I wanna see if I should actually continue:) THANX a bunches!!

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