What is #spreadyourwings?

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This campaign was started by @BubblyWitch03 to promote the individuality of a character. On wattpad not many books have a character who is free. This campaign is to spread the importance of spreading your wings to show people who you really are deep down. To motivate people who are not very confident and are overshadowed by others. 

The idea is to be free and be truly be yourselves, your character can either be good or bad or no one, because everyone has their wings whether they are dark or light. This campaign is for characters who are waiting to spread their wings.

What can you do?

You can help us to spread the idea of individuality by tagging your book #spreadyourwings because until you spread your wings you'll have no idea,  how far you can fly.

You can also add the sticker (link given on our profile)

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What is #spreadyourwings?Where stories live. Discover now