Chapter One

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Will's POV-

"Prince William?" I hear a familiar voice from the other side of the door to my bedchamber. I open the door, smiling, and am greeted by the face of my friend Lou Ellen. She is just a maid here in the palace, but with no one else to talk to, I have become very close to most of the staff.

"Oh hello stranger," I joked.

She smiled her dorky little grin, "Your father has requested your presence in the throne room your highness," she said in a funny accent, cracking me up.

"Yeah shure Lue, tell him I'll be right there." I winked.

"Sure thing," She flashed a peace sign and walked off to inform my father that I was coming.

I sighed. This meeting was probably about the wedding again. You see, I'm supposed to have a wedding in two months. I'm getting married to this princess chick from King Hades' kinngdom. I don't want to. This arranged marriage goes against all that my mother stood for, and I wanted to respect her memory by doing what she wished and picking my own bride. Well, husband.

You see, I'm gay. I've known for a while now but haven't told my father. Lord Apollo wants everything to be perfect. And he would hate to have a gay son.

I finnished getting ready and started heading down to the throne room, where my father was pacing back and fourth, a letter in his hand.

"Father? You called for me." I swayed back and fourth awkwardly.

"Ah yes, William,"

"It's just Will."

"William. I'm glad you came. I just wanted to inform you that your fiancé, Bianca de Angelo, will be arriving tomorrow and staying until the wedding."

"But that's nearly two months away." I contradicted

"Yes but I though it would be nice if you got to know the girl before you marry."

"I guess so," I groaned quietly. I had been hoping to convince Apollo to let me choose my own bride in the two months until it was too late. Though, I do suppose it would be better if I at least knew Bianca. Maybe I could explain my situation, and why I could not marry her. I could get out of this after all.

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