Chapter 2: Alesa and Jess's Adventure part 1: The Beginning

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Alesa's POV
After we landed from jumping out the window I look back to see we jumped out of what appeared to be a castle. Then I look over at Jess to see her not moving. "Jess!" I yelled as I ran to her side. When I rolled her onto her back I see a knot on her forehead indicating that she smacked her head on something. Soon we're surrounded by what appeared to be guards all of them pointing guns at us. Then I see a guy with jet-black hair and black eyes approach us. One of the guards turns to him and said, "Sir, we found them in the princess's bedroom. What should we do with them?" They guy points to me and says, , "I'll bring her to the throne room and get her friend here to the medical area pronto." They bow as he gives me his hand. We walk into the huge castle. After a short walk we enter a room with thrones.

Jess's POV
I open my eyes to see girl with brown hair, emerald green eye, eagle wings, a brown wolf tail and ears tending to my wounds. "Oh, good you're awake I was starting to worry." She says smiling. "Where am I? Where's my friend? Who are you?" I say starting to panic. "Whoa, calm down and breathe. Everything's fine you're friend is fine. My name is Vixen and you my friend are not in the correct world." After I calm down we both head to a huge dining room where I se Alesa sitting next to a guy with black hair and eyes he stands up and offers his hand to me. "Hello, my names Salem I'm Vixen's adopted brother. Would you mind telling me your name seeing as when I first saw you that you were knocked out?" "Jessica but call me Jess." I reply shaking his hand. We sit down and eat half way through a king with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes with a gold crown comes into the room and stops dead in his tracks when he sees me and Alesa. "Who are these two fine young lady's?" He asks while eyeing me and Alesa. "Jess and Alesa sir they're jumpers too." Salem answers him. He just nods while still staring at me. "Excuse me sir but I'm married with two kids and I don't appreciate how you're looking at me like that." I snap tired of him staring. "Oh, my sincerest apologies you just reminded me of someone I lost a long time ago." "Would you mind telling us the story?" Alesa asked curious. "Not at all. I met her at a late night bar, she came up to me and asked my name. She was so beautiful, I loved her so very much. After a year of dating I finally got the courage to ask her to marry me. We had twins and named them Vixen and Ashton then when they were two we adopted Salem." The man said. "Wait, ASHTON!?!?" Me and Alesa yell at the same time causing everyone to look at us. "Yes, Ashton. Do you know her?" "Ashton's our dimension jumping buddy. She's sadly stuck in one of our friends dimensions." After I said that he got up rather quickly and ran out of the room crying. "I'll go talk to him." Salem says exiting the room. "Sorry about him ever since mom died he's treasured me and Ash like diamonds." Vixen tells us with a sad smile.

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