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Patrick instantly turned around, seeing a familiar face. "Pete?" He said in shock.

   Why would he be here? He walked closer, smile falling with every step as he noticed the huge bruise on Patrick's cheek and the half wrapped ankle.
   "What happened?" Pete asked, clearly concerned for his condition. Patrick looked down, a tear falling from his face. He hated doing this.

   "It's nothing really-"
"your lying again." Pete sighed, sitting down next to the boy. Putting his hand out, he gently brushed the tear from his cheek. "Who did this?"
Patrick looked down, attempting to block Petes eyes. "No one. I just fell." He insisted, practically tasting the lie on his tongue.

  Of course, Pete knew he was lying but he let it go. If he wanted to help Patrick, he couldn't force out words from him.
  "C-can I hug you?" Pete stuttered, remembering what happened last night when he touched him. Instantly, Patrick latched on to the latter, hugging him as if his life depended on it. "It will be okay." Pete promised. And for the moment, Patrick believed it.
  They stayed there for what felt like forever, Pete whispering encouraging things while Patrick slowly recuperated. After a while, they started to hear footsteps and Pete felt Patrick tense when a voice called out, "Pete you little bitch where did you go?" The boy instantly looked up, looking like a scared puppy.

  "Who is that?" He whispered. "That's my friend. I need you to trust me okay? We are gonna take you to my house and get you patched up. Are you good with that?"
  Patrick looked reluctant  but let Pete give him a hand, helping him stand. "Bren, Mikey, I'm over here!" Pete called out. "You better have a good excuse for abandoning us." Mikey frowned, cutting himself off once he saw Patrick. Brendon came after Mikey a few seconds later, eyes falling onto Patrick's bruises and his ankle.

   "Can you walk?" Brendon asked, taking on the voice of a concerned mother. The boy shyly shook his head. The pain had gotten somehow worse since he had arrived in the park. "Okay Patrick your gonna need to let me pick you up alright?" He only nodded as Pete literally swept Patrick off his feet and carried him down a few blocks to where Brendon's car was parked.

   Pete's breath had become slightly uneven and beads of sweat stuck to his forehead making Patrick feel guilty. Was he really that fat? He didn't deserve Pete, he deserved pain for his weakness.
  They drove back to Pete's house- mansion really, and laid the boy on a bed. "Alright. How the fuck do we fix a broken ankle?" Brendon asked. So far, none of them had asked any questions regarding how Patrick had acquired his injuries and for that, he was thankful. He didn't really feel like lying to the people who had helped him.

   "Bandage it? When Gerard jumped out of the window at Frank's house and broke his ankle we just wrapped a shit ton of gauze around it for 6 weeks." Mikey shrugged. "Damn Mikey, back at it again with the good ideas." Pete smirked, starting to wrap Patrick's ankle. "Shut the fuck up you meme. Anyways, how are you feeling Patrick? Want some Advil?" Brendon asked. The boy smiled politely and nodded, taking the glass and pill welcomingly.

     "Not to be rude but are you mute?" Mikey asked awkwardly. "N-no just shy." Patrick answered, watching Pete finish off the wrapping. "Thank you guys. S-sorry I'm such a burden."

   Pete instantly gave a disapproving look. "Patrick, your not a burden, your perfect! You could never burden me and besides, from the time I've spent with you, I love having you around. Like I said, you seem like an interesting person and I promise you I will always be there for you." Pete declared with more confidence and conviction than Brendon or Mikey had ever heard him speak with before.
  Just then, Mikey's phone rang, breaking the silence. "Hello?" "Mikey, Frank's throwing a party and you have to come!" Gerard screamed through the speaker. "Calm the fuck down. Why is it so special?" Mikey sighed. "Because Ryan Ross will be there!" And within an instant, Brendon was pulling Mikey out of the room, yelling, "Bye Patrick! my almost lover is waiting for me, get better, see you soon!" Before the door closed, leaving Pete and Patrick alone.

     "You know I meant what I said right?" Pete asked, staring into the sea green eyes. "Yeah." Patrick answered. Except he didn't. He didn't understand why Pete said these things if they weren't true. He wasn't trying to hurt Patrick's feelings, that much was obvious but if that wasn't his objective, then what was? Patrick was so unused to hearing praise like this, let alone any at all.

   "I know we've only just met but I want to get to know you because I care." Pete smiled. Patrick looked up anxiously. "No pity?" "No pity." And with that, they talked for hours about mindless things, falling asleep well into the night. Maybe things would get better.


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