Chapter 24

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Hey everyone, I'm SOOOO sorry this took so long! I've been preoccupied for the past couple of weeks. Thanks so much for all your support thus far! Hope you all like it :) BTW, decided to dedicate this to @Lahvaniya cause I saw that you'd asked me to update twice in the previous, enjoy!

Chapter 24

Logan’s POV

I didn’t let the irritatingly bright sunlight that streamed into my bedroom wake me up from my peaceful slumber; pulling myself closer to the incredibly comfortable pillow that was my mate’s perfectly developed chest. The moment I did, I felt her stir; but I did my best to ignore it as I continued to snore softly into her soft skin, her sweet scent surrounding me.

I suddenly felt incredibly cold as my mate’s body disappeared from beside me. I’d assumed she had just scooted away in her sleep; using one of my hands’ to search the mattress for her. When my fingers brushed the skin of her leg, the sparks we always felt when our skins touched immediately woke me.

I cracked open my eyes; having to do it slowly because of the brightness of the room. The moment my eyes landed on her, I felt my heart accelerate immediately. She still managed to look beautiful in one of my clearly oversized shirts hanging from her smaller frame; her hair unruly and still messy from sleep. Not to mention tempting... My wolf reminded me; replaying my thoughts from the night before.

When I noticed her position; a confused expression crossed my face. “Chelsea.” She jumped off of the bed, dropping my hand to the mattress; which was still warm from her. I sat up immediately; my wolf trying to sense what was wrong with her through the bond.

“I’m sorry, I’m already leaving.” She said quietly. I tried telling her that she didn’t have to, but she didn’t let me finish as she turned and ran out of my bedroom like she’d just seen a fucking monster. Maybe she did. I told myself bitterly. I didn’t wallow in self hatred for long before I realised that I’d just let my mate run from me.

I dashed out after her; gaining more and more ground with every step. When she was almost an arm’s length away, she slammed her bedroom door in my face; the lock clicking as she turned it. I began knocking immediately; restraining my wolf from taking over and just smashing the door to dust as we both felt my mate’s incredibly close presence on the other side of that very breakable piece of wood.

“Chelsea, open the door.” I requested, as I continued my knocking. I felt my wolf pleading with hers to let us in. Despite our efforts the door didn’t even open a fraction of an inch; the muffled sounds of my mate’s movements noticeable to me despite the barrier between us. After fifteen minutes of knocking I decided to leave her alone for a moment; despite the gnawing I felt at my stomach from the need to know why she’d run from me.


I came back about twenty minutes later; my wolf impatiently growling at me to break the door down. I didn’t even resist as I stalked towards that damned thing; completely sick of waiting for my mate’s explanation as to why she’d run from me like I’d tried to kill her in her sleep.

“Chelsea, if you won’t open this fucking thing, I’m breaking it down!” The moment I was close enough to touch it, I kicked the door in; using excessive force on the inanimate thing to try and release some of my agitation. The moment I stepped into the room though, all that agitation disappeared anyway as my eyes landed on my barely dressed mate.

The towel wrapped around her body barely covered everything, leaving very little to imagination as my eyes roamed her mostly exposed skin. The tightening in my jeans became painful as she began to blush; the colour in her cheeks making her even more beautiful than usual, much to my silent agony.

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