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"Holy shit"

Damm this boy is hot asf fucking sex God

"U most be grayson Dolan"i said and gave him my hand "Hi im Santana"

"Nice to meet you"he said

"Well come in let me show u around"i said and open The door wide he was Walking and damm that ass

"Well this is The Kitchen"i said Walking to The Kitchen

"Nice" he said

I show him around and Then i help him bring his stuff to The Aparment

"Well Sorry i cant help u unpack but i need to make dinner"i said

"It's all Good Thanks"he said

I Walk out of The room and dicide to make pasta i made The pasta and started Dancing to one dance by drake when dinner was done i when and got grayson

I knock a Few time and i finally got an Answer

"Come in"he yelled

Jesus fucking Omg he didnt have a shirt on and fuck me that turn me on

I didn't realize I was still looking at him till he spoke

"Hey hey like what u are looking at"he said laughing

"Ummm what ummm dinner is ready"I said laughing in a weird way

I got quickly I when to my room and got my phone when got out he was outside he was already eating the food I when and sit next to him

I started eating and finally I finish

"So how was it"I ask

"Amazing"he said

"Thanks"I said

"Np Ima take a quick shower and I'll come back and help you" he said

"Don't worry I got it its your first day here so don't worry"I said

"Are u sure"he said

"Totally"I said

He left and I started cleaning the table and all the things it was already like 9:45pm I finish and that is when Grayson came out the bathroom he came out.

With his hair wet and only a towel in his waist that u can see his v line I didn't realize the Amazing body he had he hot

"Umm hey good night sleep well and hope u are liking the new house so far"I said

"I love it good night Santana"he said

I when to my room and change in to my PJ's and little by little I felt my eyes closing and everything when black

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