The Note: Unbroken

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Jason, you can't bring her into this life... and I won't. Marissa said I would change someday. Why can't that day be now? Exactly! Jason, you're currently on the RUN. I don't care. The girl I want is here. Why leave Marissa for someone that tossed you to the side? Right! That makes no sense. But you love Lila. I also love Marissa. Marissa's feeling are evident and as strong as mine. What if August is right? What if someday you love Marissa more than Lila and Marissa is unavailable? I wouldn't know how to handle that. Wouldn't you rather give it a shot than live with a lifetime of regret? Yes, I would.

What would have happened if Jason never went back to Lila? If Jason never hopped on that plane, where would he and Marissa be?

I'll start on this book once I finish Pillow Talk.

The Note: Unbroken

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