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Daniel and his squad/teammates in the media. Each team has 10 players guys, just for clarification.

Mia's P.O.V

The whole day, I was trying not to look at Daniel. Every time I did, Grace was kissing all up on him.

Give the kid some space woman!

He looked to be enjoying it, which made me feel even more uncomfortable. But whatever, I'll live.


"Alright class, remember that Monday you will be having an exam on Triangles and Square Roots"Mr. Scott said

The class groaned, but I ignore it. I didn't groan because I knew this would only benefit me.

I made my way to my locker, putting any books I didn't need into my locker.

I made my way to home room, last class of the day. I carried my bag on my back, walking through the noisy halls.

It was mostly drama and idiots, but I ignored it all.

Someone bumped into me, accidentally.

"Hey! Watch it"I say

The person turned to face me. I recognized him as Bruce, the school bully.

"Excuse me?"he said

"I said watch where you're going"I say

He pushed me, making me fall into the lockers.

"Next time, I won't be too friendly toward you"he said, trying to scare me

I glare at him as he continues to act a fool in the hall. I take a deep breath, continuing my path to class.

This needs to hurry up.

(Time skipped)

I was in the girls bathroom, changing out of my School Uniform and into my Baseball Uniform.

My pants were just below my knee and my socks were under it, right at the top of my knee.

I tuck my shirt into my pants, tightening the belt around my small waist. Since my hair was in two braids, I just slipped my hat over.

I slip on my wrist bands and put the black paint under my eyes. I put on my Adidas Baseball slippers.

I stuff my School Uniform into my book bag. I exit the bathroom, earning glares from some of the girls.

"Hello to you too"I say, quickly leaving the bathroom

I walked to my locker, retrieving my baseball bag. I put it on my back, grabbing my book bag and quickly exiting the school.

 I put it on my back, grabbing my book bag and quickly exiting the school

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I saw a van parked out front. I made my way to it, seeing that it was the teams van.

"Let's go"Coach Mark said

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