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Finding Nemo

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Rumor has it that finding Nemo is all about Marlin going through the 5 stages of grief. Before Marlin's wife and unborn babies were taken from him by that stupid barracuda, he was a happy and fun kind of guy. But then hello barracuda, bye bye happieness. Marlin enters the first stage of grief: denial, when seeing his home and egg cave  completely empty. While not being able to accept what has happened, he invents Nemo as a coping device. As Nemo grows up, Marlin becomes the very overprotective, bossy fish we see at the beginning. Since he wont allow Nemo any freedom, Nemo puts himself in danger and gets kidnapped and Marlin begins the dangerous journey to get his son back. On the quest, he meets many other fishes that help him through this loss and self blame. Dory taught him to live in the moment and her memory loss symbolizes learning to forget the past. The chase with the anglerfish symbolizes finding your way through the darkness, and the turtles, of coarse, taught him to go with the flow. Then despair, when he gets swallowed by a whale, then the pelican that takes him into the dentist's office where he has to watch his son get flushed down the toilet. But finally Acceptance, at the end when Marlin and his son are finally reunited, and Marlin eventually comes to terms with his grief. Out of everything that's pretty depressing Disney.

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