Lifes Little Surprises (GxG) (teacherxstudent)

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Veronica POV

"Can you say momma?" I asked my little girl, "Say momma!"

I looked down at my little bundle of joy, Anastasia. She is 8 months old. And full of energy. Katie and I adopted her when I started 12th grade. She was born on September 15th to a teenage mother. Oh. Yeah. We're baaaack! Anyways. Ana's full name id Anastasia Elizabeth Rivers.

I was currently doing homework. Ok. I was supposed to be doing homework but then Ana woke up and crawled over to me. Now I was trying to get her to say 'momma' but she just giggled. Then she heard Katie laugh and looked over towards the doorway.

"What's momma doing? Is she being silly?" Katie asked in her adorable baby voice.

Anastasia laughed and held her arms out. Katie walked over and took her from me, "Come on. You can help mommy cook while momma does her homework like a good girl."

Oh. I live with Katie and Anastasia. We have to be careful about it though because I do have one more month of school left. I sighed and looked back down at my homework. I've read the same question about 7 times and I still haven't processed it yet. I read it again, but I wasnt really paying attention so I read it another time. Yeah, no.

"Bring back my distraction Katie!" I yelled.

"Nope! She's mine. Oh yeah. Just leave me and go to her. I see how it is. You only wanted to brownie mix huh?" Katie asked Ana.

I looked over and laughed when I seen Ana's face. It was covered in chocolate. She sat down next to me and smiled. She was so fucking cute. I love her. My mom loved the idea of getting a grandchild and kicked me out the moment we talked to her about it. No seriously. Her exact words were, 'Get the fuck out of my house and don't come back until you have her. But don't worry honey, I'll come visit.'

And she really did not let me come back into the house until I had Ana in my arms. I'm being for real. Every time I tried to walk, she chased me out with- are you ready?- a broom. She literally got a broom and chased me to the door with it. After being hit like 3 times I did not walk in that house until I did in face, have her grandchild with me.

Now I was looking down at Ana and she was touching random answers on my homework. They were all multiple choice. Fuck it, my baby wants those answers, my baby is getting those answers. So for the next 15 minutes I only wrote what Ana said to. Even for the short answers when I asked her what it was and she mumbled away. Sure, I was going to fail. But I don't care. I put my homework away and then played with Anastasia until Katie called for dinner.

"What's for dinner tonight mommy?" I asked, putting Ana in her high chair.

"For Ana-rocket, we have- what ever is in these jars I grabbed." Katie said.

I took them and read them, "Apple Strawbery Banna- Your favorite- and Vegetable Turkey dinner. Yum."

Ana giggled and opened her mouth. I opened the jars and started to feed her, "So. How was work?"

Katie laughed, "Fun. 12th graders are too rowdy. I had to send a couple out."

"Who? Do thay need the Devil Spawns on their asses?" I asked.

"No baby. And it was no one. Their just excited for the field trip tomorrow. I'm sure you guys are too." Katie said, taking a sip of her Pepsi.

"Well yeah, but you have enough trouble at home with me and Ana-rocket. You don't need them being morons on you." I said.

"Its fine. Awe. Look at that yawn."

"She's tired mommy. She helped me with my homework and I took her to the park earlier. We had fun. We missed you though."

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