Chapter 12

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~Ross pov~
"What's up?" He asked.
"I saw something while I was in a coma" he froze.
"What'd you see?"
"I don't know if it was a dream, but I saw you crying next to my bed every day, almost never getting up.
"So you could see everything that I did?"
"No, only snippets"
"There's something else that I saw too" I say waiting for a response. When there was none I continued anyways.
"I saw the light"
"You saw what?"
"The light"
"How? What? Why?"
"I don't know how"
"How did you get out of it?"
"Well there was a silhouette of a man, he said 'come with me'"
"What did you do?"
"I saw a vision of you by my bed with an awful long high pitched beeping noise and you crying your eyes out"
"Oh my god" he started tearing up.
"Anyways, I said to the man, 'I can't go, he means the world to me' and the light went away and I woke up" both of us started bawling.
After a few minutes of crying we just sat in silence.
"Why did you cut in the first place?" He startled me.
"Well after everything that happened that night at the sleepover, I saw you crying and blamed my self, for everything, why my boyfriends hit me, why you were crying, why I was crying, and I thought why do I even exist if I just fuck everyones life up?"
"Ross" he gets closers and hugs me. "Don't think those things and don't ever cut again."
"I'm sorry, I just made a mistake, I won't do it again"
"Good" he said letting go of the hug.
"Let's go gome" he continued.
"Okay" I said and got up to walk to the car. Once he started to drive, I started to think.
"Thank you Max" I said.
"For what?"
"Being there for me, and not beating me like everyone else does"
"Oh, well you know, I like being your friend and I'm not rude like your past boyfriends"
Did I just get friendzoned?
"I like being your friend too" I said.
I don't want to be his friend.
I want to it to be more than that.
I love him.
I need to tell him.
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