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Team shown in media.

Mia's P.O.V

"Alright, show us what you got"coach Sam said

He had me playing 1st base. So what he did was hit the ball to Arin. Arin picked up the ball and threw it across the diamond, straight into my glove with a popping sound.

Gonna act like that didn't hurt.

"Good catch Mia. Remember to keep that foot on the base"Sam said, pointing the bat toward me

I nod, moving back to position.

After about an hour of moving me around the field, trying different positions, he put me on the mound.

"Now this, this is a little different. You're actually going to be throwing the ball. Can you do that? Throw it straight down the middle?"Sam asked

I nodded.

"Alright"he said, handing me the ball

He backed up, standing next to the catcher.

"Go ahead"he said

I take a deep breath. I lifted up my left leg, then stepped out. I threw the ball straight down to the catcher, making sure my arm extended in a full circle.

I was shocked when I heard Sam call it a strike. William threw the ball back to me.

"Throw another one Mia"Sam exclaimed

I nod, setting myself up for another pitch. I throw it right down the middle, hearing that amazing, yet painful, smacking noise.

I look over toward Sam and see him talking to Simon and Mark. They were talking amongst each other.

I look up in the stands and see Steph and them in shock. I give a small smile.

I look back over toward my coaches. Just when I did that, Sam was beginning to make his way over to me.

"Mia"he said

"I'm listening"I say

He grins.

"So, you're officially on the team now"he said

I secretly celebrated in my head.

"And we want you to play Pitcher"he said

My face fell.

The center of attention, once again.

"Oh okay"I say

"Think you could do that?"he asked

"Yeah, sure. No problem"I say

"Alright cool. I'm gonna give you all of your stuff after practice, until then, I wanna see what you can do from inside the batters box"he said

I nod. He pats my shoulder, handing me the bat.

"Alex?"he called

"Yeah?"Alex said, from the mound

"Take it easy on her"Sam said

Alex only nodded. I felt something heavy slip onto my head. I pat the top of my head realizing it was a baseball helmet.

"Yay"I mumble sarcastically

I walk up to the batters box. I stand in the one on the right because I'm righty. But, I bat lefty sometimes.

I tried it once and rocked at it.

As Alex set up to pitch, I began to question myself.

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