Rules And Ocs Request (Closed)

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Please Read All The Way Through!

Ok let start by saying first come first serve don't think I'll do yours first just because you beg me! Ok second you could message me your request or put it in the comments. I also do shot outs if you have a lemon book of your own
I'll give you a shout out when I do your request saying you have a lemon book of your own.
I'll only give a shot out of you have a lemon book!

I'll do:
OcXSonic Character
Sonic CharacterXReader (Fun fact: choosing a different species can change the story and lemon completely)
Yes they can be a mix of OC and Sonic characters

I will not do:
HumanXsonic character
Shadliver (sorry but no)

Edit:You can request twice but one can be Oc, and the other one has to be a real Sonic couple.


Name:Kitty The hybrid

Looks: She is a purple  like cat that has wolf fangs she has red eyes. She also has red at the end of her hair, and tail. Normally wears a low sleeve shirt that says 'Trash' grey pants, and socks.

Personality: She really out going can be crazy, she's sometimes sounds like she doesn't know what she's doing but she has average smarts. She hates spiders. She also scared of the dark unless she has some one to cuddle too. She can be awkward, and annoying to some but lovable to others

Sexually: Bi

Powers: She can control fire Sill learning but one step at a time you know.

Name:Vonic the hybrid (Kitty twin brother)

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Name:Vonic the hybrid (Kitty twin brother)

Looks: A wolf with Cat like behavior. A red wolf with blue eyes, and dark purple on his tail end. Normally enjoying anything that's comfy. Like sweater and scarf.

Personality: Shy but can warm up to you if he thinks your nice of enough. He keeps Kitty calm, and Kitty keeps him from being dull, and sad. Tires to talk to people but he just has trouble finding the right words.

Sexuality: Gay

Powers: Ice powers still effy but he's better then Kitty and her fire powers

Name:Sarah The Wolfbat

Looks: A female bat that's blonde with pink streaks going down the left and right of her body. She normally likes to be in fashion.

Personality: She's the master of being Sassy. She can be pretty violent if she wants too. She can help but be the way she is which can drive people alway not wanting to be with her. If she become your friend don't ever worry about getting bully by anyone cause she's a fighter and not scared to fight any body.


Powers:None But she's able to knock people out with just one punch.

I'll only do my Oc with other Oc!

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I'll only do my Oc with other Oc!

Also guys if your doing your OcXSonic character just make sure you have a picture of them together or a picture of your Oc. Also fun fact the reason the lemon end with The End...? Is if anyone wants to continue the story of that lemon. Well enjoy my writing, and check out my other book while you wait for your lemon to be made trust me I have plenty you can read.

I will also do gender bends or rule 63!lemons. An example of this would be Sonic (female) X Blaze (male). Just comment the couple you want Sonaze rule 63.

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