Chapter 55

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Hey y'all , so I am too tired to make this any longer BUTTTTTT it's a pretty good chapter ☺️💕. Read on:

Diyah's pov:
After a week of laying around I finally had enough of skulking around, being pregnant wasn't the worst thing ever.


I finally got up from my nap which was suppose to be 5 minutes so I could rest but ended up being an hour long and would've been longer if Talia didn't call my phone yelling at me to get ready. Her, Khloe, and Frankie had gone out to eat and although they invited me, I wouldn't have been able to withstand the smell or the loudness.

I forgot all about what was going on today and had she not called to give me a head start to get ready, I would've been sleeping by the time they came back.

I got myself out of bed and put on clothes that weren't just sweats and whatever t-shirt I had that wasn't dirty. I put on a wine red sundress and was on the process of doing my hair when I heard voices in the living room.

"Aunt Pugs come on, we have to go already!" Came my 4 year old nephew Franklin.

I stepped out and he attempted to whistle at the fact that I had on something that wasn't just the normal sweats and a shirt.

"Do I look good?" I ask twirling around.

"You look goooooood," he says rubbing his chin as if to think of what to add to it.

At just four he was a spitting imagine of his father and except for the curly brown hair he got from his mother, everything else came from his father. Including the charm.

"I'm so happy for you Frankie!" I say picking him up and swirling him around. He was finally graduating from pre-school and today was the graduation.

I knew I had to do something special for him after we came back, I just didn't know know what to do.

"My moms throwing me a party and everything!" He says after I finally put him down.

"That's got to be exciting, maybe I can meet your girlfriend then," I say nudging him.

I was out of breath from just picking him up and my body suddenly felt extremely hot although I was wearing a thin dress that had no sleeves.

"Yeah, aunt Khloe already met her though so you'll only be number two," he says sitting down next to me.

"What about aunt Khloe?" Comes Khloe's voice from behind us.

She looked stunning in her pink and white striped short dress. Her hair was placed in a neat bun and her makeup was light yet really pretty.

"Apparently you met his girlfriend," I say resting my head down. I needed a nap that I knew was out of reach. If I missed this, Talia would probably curse me out. I'd been very distant from her and everyone else lately and as much as I wanted to tell them why, I couldn't. I had to stick to me "I guess I'm still sick" excuse.

But could you blame me? I was pregnant by my ex who happens to already have a child he's taking care of and a women he's probably with. I couldn't add another child into his life and I refused to enter his life once again because of my baby.

I was barely 22, I wasn't ready to be a mother. I didn't want a kid at this point in my life and especially one by him.

After thinking about it all week long and keeping it to myself I knew exactly what I was going with. I knew it wasn't right and that I should embrace motherhood but I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if I were to bring a child into this world and raise it by myself without its father.

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