💗We Meet Again💗

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Astrid's P.O.V

Stupid! Math! Questions! Ugh! I hate them. And look at Hiccup he's really into the questions, I took a quick peek of where he's at and he's like oh my god he's almost done, even though Mrs Bevilacqua [I'd change the last name sorry] assign us  to do only 10 questions in the front and back page.

It seems the bell is gonna ring, I packed my math textbook in my backpack, and took out my cellphone since it's only 4 minutes of class left. I'm telling you math is not my thing.

Then suddenly I receive a text saying

'Staring much lol'I turn my head and see Ruffnut grinning away.

I roll my eyes

'In your dreams Ruff'I text back while I'm walking to the Chemistry class.

I got in class and take a quick glance the classroom where to sit then I spotted Anna.

"Astrid over here!"Anna waves at me.

I smile and walk to her and sat next to her"at least someone in my class".

"Go figure"Anna murmured.

All of sudden Hiccup enters the classroom, I'm my gosh he's in Chemistry too. I couldn't help but playing with my braid hair, I feel so weird around Hiccup it's different than last time I saw him, after he left Berk.


[Lunch Time]


Hiccup's P.O.V

That was a badass Chemistry, I find myself standing at cafeteria thinking where to sit and eat. Mom barely didn't bought food yesterday since we're busy unpacking, so she must be shopping by now or organizing the furniture, or doing some wallpaper work.

"Hiccup!"I flinched and I saw Snoutlout.

"Uncle Stoick didn't tell us you're guys be moving back home".

"Ah Snotlout it's been awhile"I chuckled.

"Awhile, more like a long time bro"he gave me a fist bump.

"Hey whatcha come sit with us?"he suggested.

"Well um, I suppose it won't hurt"I sigh.

"Cool just follow"I follow him and ended up on the table of 8 people I think.

Astrid's P.O.V

"I think really think I should go"I grumble and took a bite of salad.

"Oh c'mon Astrid it'll be fun, just find someone to go with and maybe it'll be funnier"she nudges my arm and I understood that 😳

"What the. No Ruffnut! I'm not that kind of girl who does it right away"I exclaim.

"Oh! I know what she means!"I look over at Jack grinning away"oh what ever Jack"I roll my eyes.

"Hey guys!"We all turn and see Snotlout with.....Hiccup approaching us.

"Yo guys I would want you to meet Hiccup"Snotlout sat down and Hiccup sort of sat beside Jack which is both face at us.

"Yo Hiccup its me Jack"he point out.

"This is Anna, that's Elsa, Tuffnut over there, Fishlegs there working on his feel experiment"Snotlout points out to all of us.

"Hey I heard that!"he retort and I laugh.

"Ruffnut, Punzie is MIA probably at her hair design class oh some shit like that"I roll my eyes.

"And that's. Astrid right across the table between you two"he finishes.

"Huh, nice to meet you all"Hiccup greets.

"It's nice meeting you Hiccup"Elsa waves.

I couldn't help but stare.....

Hiccup's P.O.V

Wow these people shall be good friends unlike Berserker, I sort of have only two friends there which is I'm kind of awkward and slightly shy but I'll get used of it. So that her name Astrid now where I heard that name before, I recognize that name somewhere.

"So who talks first, you talk first or I talk first?"I ask awkwardly and they sort of laugh of my statement.

"So Hiccup what do you think of Berk High?"I blink and Jack asks.

"It's cool, like the structure, good education and like the pizza"I like pizza, I'm a pizza lover.

"Ha, nice"Jack chuckles.

"Well I'm off catch ya'll later"Tuffnut left the table.

"Oh son of a b##ch!"I quickly turn my head and seeing Astrid frustrating on her phone.

"My phone doesn't wanna work!"She aggressively said.

"Here, I'll fix it"I quickly took out of her hands and simply do what I do best when something else like this happens to phones.

Few minutes later.........

"And it should be good"I hand her back her phone and she quickly look over it.

"Oh my god thank you Hicccup"she smiles then suddenly something hits through my brain, Astrid Hofferson the same girl who was at the playground with me long ago.

"Y-y-your welcome A-Astrid"I stuttering said, ugh why do I stutter.

She giggles at my stuttering words to say.

Astrid's P.O.V

Oh my gosh he fixed my phone and he did it within few minutes, wow he's good, and his stuttering words I couldn't help by his cute act.

"Hey Hiccup would you mind fixing my phone?"We both look at Jack.

"Sure what's wrong with it?"he asks as he shows his hand to check his phone.

"It sort circuit on itself I don't know why"

"I'm gonna go, I don't wanna hear this again"Anna and Elsa left the table.

"I should go too later guys"Snoutlout left.

"Okay"Hiccup said awkwardly, and his emerald eyes, wow he's dreaming oh quit Astrid!

"I fixed your phone"Hiccup said.

"Thanks dude so what was the problem?"Jack grabs his phone.

"Well, I can't say"Hiccup mumbled.

"Ohhh, I get it now"Fishlegs spoke up.

"Hey I couldn't help it and plus I gotta go too"Jack stands up"later guys"he waves.

Just me, Ruff-

"Ima go find Cami"Ruffnut stands up and left before I was gonna ask something.

Just me, Fishlegs and Hiccup

"Oh snap! I gotta go too"Fishlegs stands and quickly pace his way out of the cafeteria.

"Well, this is. So Astrid"Hoccup fold his arms and couldn't even stare at me.

"I think I should go too"He spoke up and left the table.

I decided to follow him and talk to him about 13 years ago I think that was long ago..............

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