Inside there was a small bundle of clothing for someone around his age, maybe a little younger. The blue hoodie and jeans looked well worn and frayed with age but they weren't what caught Mark's eye. That was a pair of pajama bottoms, which made Mark snort quietly with laughter despite his best attempts at keeping quiet. Seriously? Pokemon pajamas? How old was this guy, 6?

With a wary glance at the woman to double check she wasn't staring at him again, Mark reached his hand into the bag again, his fingers brushing against something that felt hard, like a piece of card.

Mark carefully caught it between his fingers and pulled it out, casting a glance at the woman once more before focusing on the object in his hands. It was a photo, old-fashioned and dog-eared at the corners. There was a man, tall and skinny with a mustache and long hair that practically screamed 1990s fashion. A little girl clung to his leg, hiding her face in his shirt. Standing beside him with a massive grin on her face, was the woman, much younger than she was now, her blue eyes shining through the terrible picture quality. Her hands clutched a little bundle of blankets close to her chest.

The boy let a tiny smile play on his lips at the tiny baby's forehead poking out of the cover of the blankets, one chubby little hand fighting its way into view.

Suddenly the door crashed open behind Mark making him nearly leap out of his seat in surprise. The woman in front of him made no move to indicate she had noticed the noise at all but the carer who walked in at a brisk pace obviously didn't care that he could have literally given Mark a heart attack.

"Are you ready for your tablets, Samantha?" he asked a bottle of pills and a glass of water in his hand. The carer had dirty blonde hair paired with pale blue eyes and Mark noted that his name tag simply read 'Felix' in bold letters. Mark swallowed. Fuck, he'd been caught.

Samantha stayed frozen in time, staring at the tv without acknowledging the carer at all. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open with something close to shock covering her features.

Felix walked over to her bedside and waved a hand in front of her face. When he got no response he looked the woman in the eyes, hand placed carefully on her shoulder, before speaking slowly and clearly. "Where are we right now, Sam?"

There was a beat of silence before the woman's thin voice broke it. "The beach."

"And who's with you?" Felix asked softly. He had a foreign accent, something that Mark couldn't quite place but he knew couldn't be local.

"Jack and..." The woman trailed off, eyes still fixed on the screen as she winced a little at something that Mark couldn't see.

The carer nodded before turning to Mark, confusion flashing across his face for a second. "Hey Ja- who are you?"

Mark blushed, feeling well and truly caught out, and opened his mouth to explain but Samantha called out before he could answer.

"Jack! Jack!"

It took Mark a few seconds to realize he was the one being spoken to and when he did he looked back at the woman whose eyes had all but doubled in size.

"Yes?" he asked quietly, assuming that manners and decency might somehow get him out of this situation. It obviously wouldn't, but it was better than nothing.

She moved around in her bed, pointing behind him at nothingness. "The tide's coming in!" she said cheerfully, content, almost tangling herself up in her sheets in her excitement. The happiness suddenly dropped from her face, replaced by a horrific fear. "No! No! Jack! It's not safe! Help him!" She began to thrash against her blankets, her arms and legs flying out in her desperation to move, to get out, to stop whatever horror she was witnessing. Screams ripped from her throat in her terror.

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