Chapter Fifteen: The Same Person

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Slowly heading back to the house, Jacob couldn't help but wonder how Gabriela was taking all of this; he hadn't wanted her to discover the truth about what he was, she was never meant to be involved in any of this. 

Pausing outside of the house, Jacob wondered how she was taking the news; not everyone was like Bella who would just accept the idea that he burst into a ball of fur when he was angry. 

There was no telling how she was going to react when he saw her again, Jacob could tell she was still in the cabin but he didn't think that it would last for long. 

Not wasting another moment knowing that he had to deal with the consequences of phasing in front of Gabriela; Jacob headed inside of the house wanting to make sure she was okay. 

He stopped at the sight of her sitting on the couch, she had her arms crossed and a faraway look on her face; she didn't even turn to look at him when he stepped inside. 

Shutting the door behind him, Jacob didn't move another step wanting to see how she would react; he racked his mind for ways to break the news to her about what had just happened. 

"You turn into a wolf?" Gabriela breathed not looking towards Jacob, her heart was still pounding in her chest and her mind couldn't stop replaying the moment over and over again. 

She couldn't make sense of it and it scared her that the man she had practically grown up with had changed into a wolf in a blink of the eye. 

Turning to look at him, Gabriela couldn't help but wonder what else he was hiding from her; she felt so lost and confused about all of this, she had never thought anything like this was possible. 

Jacob was wearing completely different clothes to what he had been wearing when he had burst into the wolf and Gabriela wondered where he had gotten them from.

"I thought you would have left," Jacob murmured knowing that he wouldn't have blamed her if she had taken off after seeing what she had; it was crazy and he hoped she would listen to what he had to say. 

He remembered what it had been like when they had been children, Gabriela had been his best friend and she had trusted him in everything that they did together. 

Gabriela had always been someone that he could count on, she was the person that he used to steal cookies with and who read him stories because he was too lazy to read them himself. 

"I wanted to," Gabriela admitted softly peeking at her still packed bag, the room felt so cold to her and she couldn't seem to get warm even with the fire that was now burning; she curled up on the couch wishing that things weren't so confusing. 

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore and the fact that woman had been able to move so fast made her think that she was missing so much more than Jacob turning into a wolf. 

It was silent in the cabin for a moment and Jacob wasn't sure if Gabriela would still wish to leave after what she had seen; it would clearly put a stop to their trip to destroy the necklace. 

"That woman..." Gabriela began not sure how to finish, her mind kept jumping to answers about what had happened and part of her was convinced that she was dreaming in her bed. 

There were so many questions floating around her head right now and Gabriela couldn't help but think that this was something that she should have been warned about before they had gone on this trip. 

"She was a vampire," Jacob confirmed gently, he wasn't going to lie to Gabriela and he knew that she needed to know what was going on if he was too keep her safe. 

The vampire had gotten away and even with the pack watching out for her, there was a chance she would come back and that she would target Gabriela. 

The same vampire had been causing them a bit of trouble on and off for a year now, they had hoped that she would completely go away but the Cullens moving away hadn't done much to help them.

Gabriela stared at him, she almost wished she could laugh at his very unfunny joke and the look on his face told her that this was no laughing matter; she was silent allowing his words to sink in. 

"A vampire," Gabriela whispered not believing that this was real, she had never wanted nothing more than to wake up from all of this but she wasn't dreaming and this was all real. 

Nodding slowly, Jacob walked over to Gabriela not wanting to frighten her; it had been a massive shock that he knew and he was sure that it would take time for her to wrap her head around this. 

Gabriela watched him warily, the idea that he could burst into a wolf at any moment didn't ease her mind and she feared that he might turn on her. 

"The legends that my dad insisted on telling us once a week when we were little... they're all true Gabby," Jacob murmured sitting down across from her, he didn't sit too close in case he made her uncomfortable. 

She'd just had a big shock and he doubted that she was ready for him to sit next to her like nothing had happened; Jacob couldn't imagine what was going on in her mind right now. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she remembered how Billy had insisted on them sitting down at least once a week after dinner and telling them all these old stories that had always seemed so magical to her as a child. 

After what had happened in the past month, Gabriela was willing to at least believe that there was something more out there; she was magically connected to a man that she hadn't seen in years because of her ancestors. 

It wasn't so hard to believe said ancestors had been able to become wolves or spirit walk, even if it did sound completely crazy. 

"I'm a tribal protector... I phase into a wolf," Jacob explained softly, his brown eyes searched her face wishing for once that Edward was here to help him with this.

He might not have liked Nessie's father but his ability to read minds would have been handy right now; he would have known what to do about all of this and how to handle the situation better. 

"I'm still the same person Gabby," Jacob reassured hoping that she wouldn't just see the wolf in him, he was still the same person that he had been all along even if things had been awkward between them. 

This entire situation was messed up and Jacob had no idea what he could do to make this any better; he had never meant for her to learn that he was a shape-shifter. 

Gabriela didn't reply, her mind was buzzing with all the information that she was being given and she wasn't sure she could handle any more changes in such a short space of time. 

Sure she felt like nothing had really changed between her and Jacob since she had left but this just seemed to prove that things had really changed between them. 

Everything that Gabriela knew was being turned upside down and she was worried how this would affect things for them now; she wondered if this was why the ancestors had created such a connection between the two of them. 

"I'm going to bed," Gabriela said before Jacob could utter another word, she got to her feet and hurried from the living area and headed back to her room; she didn't think she could deal with anymore surprises tonight. 

Jacob watched her go and sighed leaning back on the couch, he didn't move to follow her hoping that a good night's sleep would make this a little better. 

Getting to his feet, Jacob moved towards his own bedroom hoping that Gabriela wouldn't make a break for it during the night.

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